Work as “A Customer Success,” from pressure to happiness.

Work as “A Customer Success,” from pressure to happiness.

Meet Hong Nhung, the Customer Success Supervisor – the Youngest GenZ Leader of MyTravelThru. How did she overcome the pressure of the “service industry” and progress to the leader position after only one year of working?

“I just graduated from college and came here to do ‘customer service.’ I remember clearly during the Tet holiday in 2021 that year, although only a few areas opened after Covid-19, customers still called out. At that time, my parents yelled at me a lot because I only went back to my hometown a few times a year, but I stayed in my room to listen to calls all the time. That year was also the first Tet I started to “feel” what the “service” industry was like.

At first, I also felt the pressure of the nature of such a profession. But something always urges me to try a little more complicated. So I’ve been trying for almost two years now. Currently, I lead a team of 7 friends. My work orientation is more precise, my income is better, and the working environment of MyTravelThru is much better than when I first started. I finally found out what motivated me to try at that time. That is my belief in my ability and the future development of MyTravelThru.

Currently, I feel happier than the pressure when doing this job. That is, the pressure still exists and certainly never goes away. But maybe because I have more experience doing this, I can solve problems faster and more accurately. When a customer solves their problem and is satisfied with the company’s service, I think that is the happiness of a customer service worker.

It also makes me “happy” with this job because it helps me grow up faster than I thought. After thousands of calls worldwide, my foreign language ability has improved significantly. And after countless times of having “issues” and managing my team, I also started to learn how to control my emotion better and became more flexible.

Mr. Tan often calls Team “Customer Success” the company’s lifeblood. But I understand that, besides blood vessels, many other parts just lack one thing; the rest won’t work. Every job has its challenges, so if I have difficulties, everyone is having difficulties, so everyone needs to make an effort. If we don’t make an effort, we’ll be kicked out of that fight quickly.”

Thank you, Hong Nhung, for your fascinating sharing. As it turns out, GenZ are not only sharp and versatile people but also young people who constantly strive for valid values.

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