Volcanic “specialties” in Indonesia

Indonesia map
Indonesia map

Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia has the most active volcano in the world. A large area of geological instability, where the collision of tectonic plates often causes earthquakes and volcanic activity, has been exploited by Indonesia to turn into a “specialty” of tourism. Coming here, we cannot miss the opportunity to explore the famous volcanic populations of Bromo, Batok, and Semeru in the East of Java Island.

Some Volcanic in Indonesia

Indonesia has more than 16,000 large and small islands, of which more than 5,000 islands are inhabited. There are nearly 130 active volcanoes here. In Indonesia, many of the country’s islands were formed from volcanic eruptions tens of thousands of years ago, and Java is one such island. It is the 5th largest island in Indonesia. Still, it is the most populous, with 145 million people, accounting for 60% of Indonesia’s population.

In Java, 38 volcanoes are forming a backbone in the East-West direction. The highest volcanic in Indonesia is Semeru (3,676m high). Among the volcanic populations of Bromo, Batok, and Semeru, Bromo is the youngest volcano. 

Bromo - One of the vocalnic in Indonesia
Bromo – One of the vocalnic in Indonesia


Bromo is 2,329m high, not the tallest mountain, but the safest place in the area. It is also one of Indonesia’s most famous mountains, always attracting many tourists to visit and explore.

That’s awesome to stand on the top of Bromo right next to the volcanic cliff, witness and hear the gurgling sound, sometimes an explosion coming from the heart of the mountain. Also, Look out in all directions, and watch the whole scene of clouds and mountains covering the valley. Nature is harsh but also creates incredible landscapes. And Indonesians know how to exploit the disadvantages of earthquakes and volcanoes to become an unforgettable tourist “specialty.”


Kelimutu - One of the vocalnic in Indonesia
Kelimutu – One of the vocalnic in Indonesia

Since it boasts not one, not two, but three colorful crater lakes, it’s no sock when Kelimutu is an increasingly popular tourist destination. The 1,639-meter-high volcano is home to numerous craggy cliffs and rugged rocks surrounding sparkling lakes – the park’s hallmark.

Kelimutu and its lovely lakes are well worth a visit if you get the chance located on the island of Flores.

Batur - One of the vocalnic in Indonesia
Batur – One of the vocalnic in Indonesia

The Batur UNESCO Global Geopark, located in the northeast of Bali, is Indonesia’s most popular international tourist destination. It covers an area of 370.5 km2, at an altitude of 920-2152 meters; the outer crater wall surrounds the inner crater wall, Mount Batur, and the lake. Much of the Batur dan Payang Hills Nature Tourism Park is a protected forest within the UNESCO Global Geopark area. Local people consider this place a sacred religious site, the residence of the gods.


Ijen - One of the vocalnic in Indonesia
Ijen – One of the volcanic in Indonesia

Ijen (Kawah Ijen), 2,799 m above sea level, located 26 km northwest of Banyuwangi town, is one of 76 active volcanoes in Indonesia. Ijen owns a magnificent appearance with a radius of 361 m, a surface area of 410 m2, a depth of 200 m, and a volume of 3,600 m3. When standing in this place, you will feel like you are small in the middle of nature.

The unique feature of Ijen is from about 2 am to 4 am every day, you can see the phenomenon of blue fire (blue fire) around the crater. People call it the “wispy ghost” flames. “.


Rinjani - One of the volcanic in Indonesia
Rinjani – One of the volcanic in Indonesia

Also, an active volcano in Indonesia, Rinjani, with a height of more than 3,700 m, is located north of Lombok island. Lombok is next to Bali, and you will enjoy a quiet and peaceful space with memorable climbing experiences.

In April 2018, UNESCO included Rinjani in the list of global Geoparks networks. Watching the sunset at Rinjani is an experience worth trying when visiting this volcano. The mountainside is home to many precious animals, such as gray-tailed monkeys, deer, roe deer, hornbills, warblers, titmice, etc. In addition, Mount Rinjani is a challenging place for climbers.

Hiking around the national park is fabulous: numerous hills and valleys surround the mountain, and lush forests and sparkling waterfalls are also on display. Among its many attractions, the turquoise caldera lake Segara Anak is the highlight, as it is surrounded by the volcano’s stunning and remote crater belt.

Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora - One of the volcanic in Indonesia
Mount Tambora – One of the volcanic in Indonesia

Once one of the highest peaks Volcanic in Indonesia, Mount Tambora now stands at 2,850 meters after a massive eruption in 1815 reduced its size. It is the largest eruption in human history. The eruption of volcanic in Indonesia ash leads to an enormous death toll and changes the Earth’s temperature for years.

Now calm, safe, and under constant surveillance, the majestic mountain has a huge crater for visitors to explore, with plenty of great views to enjoy from above. Unfortunately, Mount Tambora takes some time to reach because it is located on a remote peninsula on Sumbawa Island, surrounded by wet rainforests. Still, its fantastic nature and wildlife are well worth the effort. It is great.

Mount Semeru

Mount Semera - One of the volcanic in Indonesia
Mount Semera – One of the volcanic in Indonesia

Named after the mythical mountain that lies at the center of the world in Hinduism. Mount Semeru makes for an awe-inspiring sight and is often called the ‘great mountain’ by locals. Towering at 3,676 meters, it is the highest peak on Java and dominates the coastal plains surrounding it.

The spectacular Stratovolcano is blessed with its ecology: savannahs and flowery fields flanked by barren, rocky landscapes. That makes it a popular hiking destination, with the stunning Ranu Kumbolo Lake being just one of its many highlights. In addition to popular features, the conical Mount Semeru is also known for the impressive plumes of smoke and steam regularly emitted from the crater.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung - One of the volcanic in Indonesia
Mount Agung – One of the volcanic in Indonesia

One of Bali’s most popular tourist attractions, Mount Agung, fills the island’s skyline with its looming presence. Locals have long revered the conical Stratovolcano because they believe their ancient ancestors and the gods lived in its higher realms. As a result, many temples and shrines have been built on its slopes, and Pura Besakih is one of them.

Sightseers hike through the night to watch the sunrise atop the volcano. Watching the sunrise over the island of Bali after an exhausting but rewarding hike is an unforgettable experience due to the breathtaking panoramas wherever you look.

In addition to its beauty, Mount Agung is also known for numerous eruptions between 2017 and 2019. The occurrence disrupted and grounded flights and filled the skies with smoke and ash. So far, hiking on this volcano has been prohibited due to constant activity. Still, you can see it from neighboring Mount Batur.

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