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The types of cars at MyTravelThru – have you ever wondered about this? To bring great experiences to customers when using services at MyTravelThru, we offer an impressive fleet that includes SUVs, exotic and classic sedans, and minibusses that are impeccably maintained and feature state-of-the-art technology. You can visit our Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more about our services.

Now, let’s discover the characteristics of types of cars at MyTravelThru and choose the most suitable option for you.

Sedan – The Most Booked Vehicle

The sedan is construed type of car with 4 doors and has 4 or 5 places to sit with the tow truck longer from front to back, a luggage compartment shorter than the main chamber. The hatchback can be opened by sneezing up.

Sedan at MyTravelThru
Sedan at MyTravelThru

Advantages of Sedan:

  • Luxury, gentlemanly, privacy
  • When moving, the car is stable and smooth
  • Move faster, and more convenient due to the compact size

The sedan is the most booked vehicle of all vehicle types at MyTravelThru, accounting for 45% of bookings. If you book a Sedan for travel, you can have up to 4 seats and 3 pieces of luggage.

MiniVan – One Of The Types Of Cars For Your Family

The minivan is a range car with a structure of 5-7 seats, and the interior compartment size is quite large. This cabin of the MiniVan is higher and bigger than other cars.

MiniVan at MytravelThru
MiniVan at MytravelThru

Advantages of MiniVan:

  • The interior of the car is spacious, so it can carry many people and luggage at the same time.
  • Smooth, stable operation.
  • The seats are arranged flexibly and can be adjusted, so this type of car can accommodate a lot of goods

MiniVan is one the types of cars that can carry passengers and goods at the same time. This car can carry up to 6 people and 6 pieces of luggage. If you go with your family or a small group, you can book MiniVan.

Coach – A Type Of Vehicle For Groups Of People

The coach is a large passenger vehicle, usually with a single deck to carry passengers on long distances. This vehicle has many seats and a large space for luggage.

Coach at MytravelThru
Coach at MytravelThru

Advantages of Coach:

  • There are many comfortable and convenient seats
  • Cheaper cost
  • You can carry many goods

You can use a coach to travel with many other people, so the cost you pay will be less. This type of car can carry up to 22 people and 10 pieces of luggage for passengers. However, when you book this type of vehicle will take a long time. Therefore, in MyTravelThru, this type of vehicle is booked less than other vehicles.

Ford Transit – Type of car is for you traveling

Ford Transit is one of the minibusses with a spacious, luxurious, and comfortable interior design for passengers. The car has 16 seats, which can be flexibly folded to create space for packages.

Ford Transit at MyTravelThru
Ford Transit at MyTravelThru

Advantages of Ford Transit:

  • Stable and flexible operation
  • The interior of the car is full and comfortable for the passengers
  • Compact design, convenient for moving

This type of vehicle can carry up to 10 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage. The number of customers who book ford transit accounts for 20% of the total bookings at MyTravelThru. This vehicle is suitable for a group of people to travel together.

This is information about the types of cars which is available at MytravelThru. With these shares of MytravelThru, have you made the right choices for yourself yet? Hope this information about the types of cars at MyTravelThru will be useful to you, helping you to have a smooth trip.



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