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Let’s look through Turkish Airlines’ Business Lounge at Istanbul Airport – One of the best business class lounges in the world! Officially operating at Istanbul’s New Airport in April 2019, Turkish Airlines also launched an extremely lavish lounge and facilities for business class passengers. With an area of 5,600m2, 765 seats, and many exclusive services, Turkish Airlines Lounge Business has really turned passengers’ connecting time into a short but impressive and memorable experience.

Turkish Airlines Business Lounge
Turkish Airlines Business Lounge

Turkish Airlines Business Lounge

There are many waiting areas with different styles of lounges and passengers can watch TV in either area.

Turkish Airlines Business Lounge
Turkish Airlines Business Lounge

Open kitchen counters are located in the center of the lounge, where passengers can enjoy delicious dishes and sample the chef’s culinary arts.

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Bedrooms, bathrooms, and spa/massage services bring the most comfortable experience to those who have a long layover.

The lounge architecture combines modernity and elegance with typical Islamic features.
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There is a baggage storage room – each passenger can store their baggage in separate drawers to comfortably relax in the lounge. Besides, the 130m2 museum area is a display of Istanbul’s contemporary artworks. You can visit it 24/7.

We believe that this lounge will be charming and exceed your expectations. Last but not least, free Wi-Fi is provided for each passenger at the entrance. Have you ever been to the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge? If yes, share with us what your experience was!

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