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Singapore announces major easing of Covid-19 rules from April 26. However, please note the below points to ensure that you have a smooth transit experience to travel to Singapore during Covid time:

Fully vaccinated travelers with WHO-EUL vaccines and travelers aged 12 and below (i.e., born in or after 2010) will have to take a pre-departure test (PDT) before leaving for Singapore. Travelers should submit the SG Arrival Card electronically no earlier than three days before arrival in Singapore.

Travel to Singapore during Covid time
Travel to Singapore during Covid time

Non-fully vaccinated travelers entering Singapore will be required to take a PDT within two days before departure to Singapore. PDT can combine a COVID-19 PCR test at an internationally accredited or recognized lab/clinic/medical facility or Antigen Rapid Test (ART) administered by a trained professional (self-swabs are not allowed).

The PDT result must not be handwritten and must be in English (or accompanied by a notarized English translation), containing the COVID-19 PCR test results and date of the test, traveler’s name as per passport, and either date of birth or passport number as per passport. In addition to the PDT and submission of the SG Arrival Card, non-fully vaccinated travelers must do a 7-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) at a declared place of accommodation and an SHN-exit PCR test.

Do note that travelers holding passports or travel documents issued by visa-required countries/regions must still apply for an entry visa to enter Singapore.

Jewel Canopy Park

From mazes to bouncing nets, it’s all fun. Take a stroll along creative garden trails, glide down giant slides, or hide in bowls of gentle mist. Spend hours playing, or relaxing at one of many charming diners.

Jewel Canopy Park
Jewel Canopy Park

Art Science Museum

Future World is created by teamLab and Art Science Museum. TeamLab is a group of ultra-technologists known for using digital technology as a medium for art. Future World consists of 19 art installations and creative projects for adults and children to interact with, play, and explore. They are also reflective pieces that help us reflect on ourselves about our World.

Art Science Museum
Art Science Museum

Singapore Zoo

Located on the north-western side of the island, the Singapore Zoo is a world for extraordinary wildlife and a must-try for animal lovers.

This beloved establishment first opened its gates to the public in 1973 and has since become one of the best rainforest zoos in the World.

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo

Universal Studios Singapore

Dubbed the Asian Entertainment Paradise, Universal Studios Singapore is always on the top list of places not to be missed when traveling to Singapore. Located in the Resorts World Sentosa area, this is the first amusement park and, to date, belongs to the top of an enormous scale in Southeast Asia.

With a Universal Studios Singapore ticket, you will be able to participate in 24 games, shows, and attractions in 7 zones with different themes. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to meet your favorite movie characters at Universal Studios!

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Source: Universal Studios

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a sanctuary for nature lovers and budding horticulturalists. Where is located by the Marina Bay Waterfront in the heart of Singapore?

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

Transportation to travel to Singapore during Covid time


The MRT subway system is comfortable, clean, and inexpensive. It’s everything you want from public transportation. What you always need is a Map at every station. Fares are based on the distance you travel and usually range from SG$1 to SG$2.50 (about $0.74 to $1.85). Instead of purchasing single-fare tickets, consider purchasing an EZ-Link rechargeable card for SG$12 (about $9) to save some extra coins and avoid ticket lines if you’re in Singapore for an extended period.


Home to more than 5 million people, Singapore has some traffic. Driving can be a huge hassle, and parking will cost you an arm and a leg in the city. Not to mention driving is done on the left in Singapore. However, rental offices are at the airport and throughout the city, if you want a car.


If you’d like to get some places in a hurry, pick a taxi. Taxis are relatively well priced: The meter starts between SG$3 to SG$5 (about $2.24 to $3.75) and around SG$ 0.22 (about $0.16) per kilometer after that. Most drivers will speak English, so chat with them for local tips.


Buses traverse the entire country and can take you everywhere you need to go. That is, if you know which ones to take. The numerous bus routes may overwhelm or confuse first-time visitors. Fares are based on the distance traveled, time of day, and traveler type (adult, children, and senior citizen fares). Based on all those factors, you could spend the exact amount that you would for a metro ride.

If you are nervous about communicating with native speakers, calling the driver, and paying, contact us to reserve a car in advance.

Travel to Singapore during Covid time
Travel to Singapore during Covid time


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