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Choosing New York as a place to stop on the US tour, visitors do not need to worry about anything. This city has a lot of attractions and recreational activities to have fun and relax. Besides, the transportation in New York is also very diverse, which will take visitors to all locations throughout the city.

What is the main transportation in New York?

Transportation in New York is relatively developed, and the types of transportation in New York City are diverse and abundant. You can easily find a suitable vehicle to travel and explore famous tourist attractions in New York. Some popular means of transportation in New York are:


The subway system is probably the most popular means of transportation in New York and is cheaper than many other modes of transportation. The train always runs 24/24, so it is very convenient for tourists.

Subway in New York
Subway in New York

However, do not sit in empty carriages when traveling at night because there may be dangerous situations. Another interesting fact is that the subway in New York has been around for more than 100 years.


If you have a lot of time during your trip to the US, you can consider taking a bus to walk around the city. At peak hours, seeing the heavy and crowded traffic through the car glass is pretty interesting. In addition, the bus stations always have stops right at the commercial center or popular attractions in New York, so it is also convenient for tourists.

Bus in New York
Bus in New York


Yellow taxis are a signature image of the city, so it’s no surprise that the taxi is one of the most popular means of transportation in New York. When the taxi is not carrying passengers, the sign above the head will light up. Visitors should not hail a taxi from about 16:00 to 16:30 because that’s when the driver changes shifts.

Taxi in New York
Taxi in New York


Since the Citi Bike program started in New York in 2013, the number of participants has steadily increased. The city has also built dedicated bike lanes in some places. This is a way to protect the environment, an exciting experience tourists should try when traveling to the US. However, remember not to go during rush hour because the streets are crowded.

Bycicle in New York
Bicycles in New York

What is the safest way to get around New York City?

Suppose you must learn the roads and travel fees when moving between destinations. You should use a private shuttle service if you still need to complete information about traffic and travel in New York. Why?

Private transfer service
Private transfer service
  • The first is the level of safety. You will receive complete driver information with each request to use the private shuttle service.
  • Second, the private shuttle service helps you limit passengers’ waiting time. 
  • Third, the first time you come to a foreign country, you do not know the way, and you will quickly fall into the situation of being run around by taxis to increase the fare. Some public transport even drops passengers at the wrong destination. Even some cities with temporary security always lurk dangers that will make your trip more burdensome. Therefore, in this case, the best solution is to use the private shuttle service.

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