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With countless exciting things, America always attracts visitors from all angles: modern-looking skyscrapers, famous tourist destinations, and the overall beautiful natural scenery. And one place that makes any visitor want to once set foot in the US every time is Disneyland park – wonderland.

Let’s learn about the transportation from MCO to Disney with MyTravelThru.

The beauty of wonderland

Disneyland is the result of the unique idea of ​​Walt Disney, a famous American businessman. His name is synonymous with the qualities that make success and popularity: a rich imagination, full of new ideas, audacity at the right time, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Walt Disney World Orlando
Walt Disney World Orlando

It is located on a land area of ​​34.4 hectares. From afar, Disneyland is recognized by its fairy-tale castles and familiar enchanting music.

Stepping through the gate and entering the main street is a different and bustling world. Immersed in the flow of people on this busy, bustling street typical of the American West, the feeling is like bursting when engaged in a highly majestic, splendid, and colorful carnival and parade.

With the princess Snow White and seven dwarfs, mermaids and evil octopus, or a group of animals with lion kings, deer, birds, bees, butterflies and giant flowers, and all of course, the image of Mickey Mouse is indispensable – the symbol of Walt Disney Studios, a dear friend of most children around the world.

Lost in the land of Fantasyland: a magical virtual kingdom where princesses, nannies, and fairy tales, attractive Disney animated films loved by children are displayed in front of them. With an innocent, friendly smile, it welcomes people worldwide to come and have fun.

Then come to the adventure land of Adventureland with thrilling games for teenagers, such as adventure on the Amazon river or experience in the African jungle.

Or come to the future land of Tomorrowland to participate in space exploration games, sci-fi futuristic world models of colorful space, and watch highly vivid 4-D movies, lovely.

In these areas are beautiful theme parks such as the story land of toys, grizzly bear valley, or the mystical manor, which give people wonderful and impressive experiences.

In addition, Disneyland also has shopping areas, souvenir photography areas, and watching miniature models of world wonders such as the Pyramids, Statue of Zeus, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Goddess Artemis, Mausoleum of King Maussollos, the lighthouse of Alexandria. Each architecture has its unique architecture.

Like the Eiffel Tower, 108 meters tall, a third of its actual size, standing tall in the campus with sparkling electricity radiating from the foot to the top of the tower, or Niagara Falls, always rushing to white foam regardless of the situation, day or night, creating a sound that stirs a large area.

An indispensable thing to create a unique feature for Disneyland is that the transportation in the amusement park is exceptionally comfortable with winding railways winding in the air, super-fast cars, or ancient horse-drawn carriages, rickshaws, single boats, and oak rafts. All of these bring visitors a feeling of surprise and excitement.

But perhaps, the surprise and excitement will peak when night falls. The clock struck 20 o’clock, and the people gathered in the center of the park, looking up at the castle “Sleeping Princess” to enjoy the spectacular and beautiful scene with a fireworks display with a scenario of light staged and performed every night. A stream of light flows from the air, closing a day of living in Disneyland.

When should you go to Walt Disney World Orlando?

As the number one amusement park in the world, the off-season is considered an unfamiliar term for Walt Disney World Orlando. That means weekends and holidays will be when visitors from all over the world come together to Walt Disney World Orlando without an appointment, making it difficult to visit the parks in the system.
Christmas is the season when the park is most decorated, and also the winter season.

To reduce the crowds somewhat, you can go on weekdays and avoid major American holidays and weekends. On the contrary, on holidays such as American National Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc., the park often takes place in many more spectacular events and parades. It would help if you considered a little and consulted Walt Disney World Orlando’s admission schedule in advance to have the most suitable entertainment plan.

Opening times and entrance tickets

The operating hours of the Walt Disney World Orlando system parks are different. Besides, parks also often have “extra hours.” So, please check the schedule of Walt Disney World Orlando according to the reference time frame as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom: 09:00 – 23:00
  • Epcot: 09:00 – 21:00
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 09:00 – 21:30
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: 08:00 – 11:00

You can directly buy tickets to the park on the Walt Disney World Orlando website. Booking tickets in advance will save you an extra cost and ensure you can enter the park without having to wait in long lines. Alternatively, you can buy tickets through companies affiliated with Walt Disney World Orlando or at the gate. However, buying tickets at the gate will take a lot of time, so you must arrive early.

Opening times and entrance tickets
Opening times and entrance tickets

You should buy tickets online in advance so that you don’t have to wait in line for a long time.

Depending on your plan to explore Walt Disney World Orlando, you can choose from various ticket types: 1-day pass, multi-day pass, multi-day pass with Park Hopper selection, Park Hopper ticket, and Water Park Fun ticket. Each ticket type will have its perks. You can refer to the information on the park’s website to make the selection easier.

Information about FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World Orlando

The FastPass+ system is a reservation system that applies to most attractions at Walt Disney World. Therefore, instead of waiting in long lines, you can take advantage of the Fast Pass and be redirected to another bar with a shorter wait time. The Fast Pass is free with admission but will be sold in limited quantities daily. If you have a FastPass, you can enter the amusement park at the priority entrance without waiting in long lines.

You can get your Fast Pass at any kiosk in the park, through the official Walt Disney World website, or through the My Disney Experience app. For booths, you need to refer to the information on the map to make it easier to find. At each park, there are at least three kiosks for visitors to receive Fast Pass cards.

If you only have one admission ticket to Walt Disney World, you can book FastPass+ a month before your trip. Note each park in the system only allows booking three times per day. For FastPass+, there is only 1 hour of booking for each attraction.

The transportation from MCO to Disney

There are lots of different transportation from MCO to Disney Resort hotels including car rental, Lyft, Uber and Orlando International Airport transfers.

Disney’s Magical Express

Guests staying at a select Disney World Resort hotel can use Disney’s Disney Express, which offers free shuttle service and luggage to and from their resort.

Disney's Magical Express
Disney’s Magical Express

Rent a car

The best route is to take the OIA South Exit to Florida’s Greenway Center (Route 417) to Route 536, which leads directly to Walt Disney World. Route 417 is a toll road that will cost around $2.00. You can refer to the Car rental service at MyTravelThru.

Rent a car
Rent a car

Airport Transfers

Check in advance to see if your hotel offers a free airport service. Otherwise, a shuttle service from Orlando International Airport serves the Walt Disney World Resort area, the Hotel Plaza Boulevard hotels, and the International Drive area. The shuttle runs for about 15 or 20 minutes a day.


The cost per adult is approximately $20.00 one way, with a slight discount for round trips. Children’s fares are around $15.00, or just under $25 round-trip. Children under four years old are free. Bonuses are not included in these prices, and it is customary to tip drivers for good service.

Limousine Service

Limousine service and town shuttle are also available. Round-trip fares are typically for up to four or five passengers and run from $75.00 to $100.00. Bonuses are included in the price, and it is customary to tip drivers for good service.

Limousine Service
Limousine Service

By bus

Greyhound provides services to Orlando and Kissimmee. Kissimmee is the closest to Walt Disney World. Check in advance to see if your hotel offers shuttle service. Otherwise, you can take a taxi to your hotel.

By bus
By bus

By car

It is best to plan your road trip in advance by consulting a road map, a trip planning service, or online at or Google Maps.

By Car
By Car

The beautiful and dynamic city of Orland is considered one of the ideal destinations for all travel enthusiasts. Book the airport transfer service now for a convenient trip, and enjoy the world-class amusement park Walt Disney World Orlandor and other famous attractions.

If you plan to visit Orlando soon, please visit MyTravelThru for inspiration and more interesting travel destinations. Besides you can also visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for more information.

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