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Things to do in Bali for couples – Bali has a long history that fascinates visitors from near and far. Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” and that’s an apt name for this long-loved destination. Between beautiful temples, verdant rice terraces, and beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see how a short-term visit to Bali can turn into a long-term getaway.

Bali is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world by countless travel websites, review portals, and magazines each year – for excellent reasons. Whatever your age, background, budget, or interests, there is something great for everyone to discover. For an authentic look at “real” Bali, rent a scooter and explore the rice fields and inland countryside maze. Don’t worry about where you’re going. Just go.

Watch a cinema-perfect Bali Sunset.

Head to one of Bali’s best sunset spots for a genuinely glorious golden hour to watch the sky turn candy-colored. Beach or jungle, if visibility is proper, we say go with it.

Watch a traditional Balinese dance show.

Traditional Balinese dance show
Traditional Balinese dance show

This ancient tradition is still part of Balinese culture and is worth seeing on any Bali vacation. First, head to Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple to see the famous Kecak Dance in a theater, performed by over a hundred men around a bonfire.

Also, take a trip to Ubud to enjoy traditional dances at the Ubud Palace, where beautiful Balinese girls in the ceremonial dress can hypnotize their eyes and fingers to tell of ancient chronicles.

Surf on the best beaches

Top things to do in bali for couples
Top things to do in bali for couples

Surfing in Bali is world-class, and many pros come to the island to catch some unbeatable sound waves. The best time during the dry season is from May to September when offshore winds are at their best.

For the experienced surfer, this is the best time to challenge the most famous coral reefs. However, if you’re a beginner, there are also beginner surf spots in Bali to suit your level.

The eight best surf spots in Bali:

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Explore the coastline of Bali on a scooter – The best things to do in Bali for couples

The quick way to get around Bali is by riding a scooter. Available daily, this service will cost a mere $4 per day. Make sure that you wear a helmet. The roads can seem lawless all the time, with bumps and potholes hidden on every bend…

Relax with a Balinese massage or a spa treatment!

Don’t have an excellent trip to Bali without a Balinese massage. Why? Because the traditional techniques used by Balinese therapists are the most profound, enjoyable techniques we have ever experienced.

They use long strokes, strong presses, skillful stretches, and the most fragrant essential oils – all for under $10 for a happy hour.

One of the things to do in Bali for couples
One of the things to do in Bali for couples

Reach the waterfall.

If exploring Bali’s natural scenery is a priority, then a visit to Sekumpul Waterfall is necessary. It is named the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. Like most waterfalls in North Bali, reaching Sekumpul will require a bit of sweat.

It’ll take about an hour to hike the trails and descend into the verdant ravine. Still, once you do, you’ll be rewarded with a vast vista of idyllic tropical and idyllic landscapes. Large-scale waterfall, seemingly pouring from heaven.

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Must to taste – One of the things to do in Bali for Couples

Bali’s most famous dishes, richly prepared using a variety of local herbs and spices, are traditionally eaten in colorful Hindu rituals, highlighting life on the Indonesian island.

Today, a wide variety of classic dishes are served everywhere, from small eateries to high-end restaurants. That makes it easy for visitors to taste authentic Balinese cuisine.

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Bali is famous for its unique coffee culture. Bali’s Kintamani coffee is one of the world’s most famous (and most expensive) coffees. From iced latte and espresso to cold brew and French press… Bali has it all.

You can check out our favorite beers in Bali here or go to the source and see what’s happening at a coffee plantation in Bedugul’s quiet and rural hills.

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There are many kinds of food you must eat in Bali. This guide covers traditional and authentic dishes you must eat in Bali and some street food and desserts.

Suggest 11 dishes you must try in Bali – Things to do in Bali for couples

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