In order to best serve our mutual customers, MyTravelThru provides the supplier with an account on MyTravelThru’s chauffeur booking system. The supplier is required to: 

  • Accepting the trips 
  • Creating driver accounts for your own drivers 
  • Assign bookings to drivers 
  • Ensure that the drivers update real-time events of the trips via the driver app 

1. Get access to the supplier’s dashboard 

Once having come to an agreement to start a partnership, MyTravelThru will create a supplier account and share login details with the supplier. Log-in details include: 

On the dashboard, you will see all details of the upcoming bookings, with buttons to accept / reject the trip. 

mytravelthru suppliers guideline 9


mytravelthru suppliers guideline 10
Supplier account dashboard
mytravelthru suppliers guideline 11
Click the button Details to view full information

2. Assign bookings to your own drivers

a. Create a driver account 

After accepting the trip, the supplier is required to assign a driver for the booking. Please follow the steps below to create driver accounts for your drivers: 

  • Go to the Driver section 
  • Click Add New to create a new driver account 
  • Fill in the driver’s information (the driver’s name, phone number, and email address are compulsory) 
  • Click Save changes 
  • Go back to the Driver section, click Edit the newly-created account 
  • Click Set password for the driver account 
  • Share log-in details with the driver 
    • User name (email address) 
    • Password 
    • App Link: Android or iOS

Drivers are also required to accept the trip, then update driver events via the app in real-time. 

mytravelthru suppliers guideline 8
Go to the driver section to add the new driver
mytravelthru suppliers guideline 5
Fill in the driver’s information
mytravelthru suppliers guideline6
Go back to the Driver section, click Edit the newly-created account
mytravelthru suppliers guideline 7
Set password

b.    Assign bookings to the driver

After creating a driver list, you can assign bookings to your driver now:

  • Click Assign
  • Select a driver from the driver list
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Click Save changes, booking assignment is completed
mytravelthru suppliers guideline 2
Assign the driver from the driver list and enter the amount to be paid

3. Booking reports

The supplier can view total income and profit in the Reports section. All details of the completed bookings can be downloaded in Excel format. 

mytravelthru suppliers guideline 1
The online report shows the total income and profit


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