The following terms of service apply to the participation of MyTravelThru loyalty program (“Loyalty Program”). The Managed Associate Rules are hereby incorporated into the terms and conditions that govern the Loyalty Program (“Program Rules”).

Any capitalized terms not defined in these Managed Associate Rules will have the meaning ascribed to them in the Program Rules, available at MyTravelThru loyalty terms and conditions and incorporated herein by reference. To the extent there is a direct conflict between the Program Rules and these Managed Associate Rules, these Managed Associate Rules prevail with respect to the Loyalty Program members (“Members”).

By participating in the Loyalty Program, you are accepting all the Program Rules, including these Managed Associate Rules. It is your responsibility to read them and to comply with them. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change and/or modify these Program Rules at any time without notice and, unless otherwise indicated, such changes Managed Associate Rules will become effective immediately upon posting; therefore, please check these periodically for changes. The Company will display the effective date of these Managed Associate Rules at the top of this page.

Qualifying Charges. “Qualifying Charges” for rides include without limitation:

  • Qualifying Rates for Rides;
  • Premium food and beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages where prohibited by law) purchased  in addition to the Qualifying Rate purchased;
  • Extra-person charges on paid rides at a Qualifying Rate;
  • Other ride-run activities if managed by MyTravelThru Partners;
  • Taxes, service charges and gratuities that are part of the qualifying rides package rate; and
  • In certain limited cases, taxes, service charges, gratuities, and/or fees related to other incidentals charged to the ride bill may be eligible for Points;

so long as the Member provides their Membership Number at the time of reservation pays for the charges. Charges incurred at markets that are not qualified within the Participating Rides are not Qualifying Charges.

Qualifying Rates. “Qualifying Rates” include most business and leisure rates, such as rates found on without an application of a discount code, standard and premium retail rates, prepay rates, corporate negotiated rates, and national/regional/local government rates. Unless otherwise specifically stated, Members will receive their membership tier benefits during rides on Qualifying Rates.

Non Qualifying Charges. “Non Qualifying Charges” for rides which do not qualify for Points include without limitation:

  • Non Qualifying Rates for Rides;
  • Complimentary services;
  • Award Redemptions (including any cash portion of an Award Redemption);
  • Extra-person charges on Award Redemption Rides;
  • Charges for banquets, meetings or other functions, with the exception of Points earned in connection with MyTravelThru events under a Qualifying Event Agreement;
  • Certain rides and other taxes and fees that are not part of the qualifying package rates;
  • Other charges incurred on rides including parking, business center, retail stores, and other third-party services;
  • And other fees paid including late cancellation fee, early departure fees, no-show fees even if the reservations were paid in full, mandatory or automatic charges, and other applicable charges.

Elite Bonus Points. Elite bonus Points will be awarded on the base Points earned during rides and depends on the Member’s achieved Elite Member Tier. More information available at MEMBER TIERS BENEFIT.

Elite Ride Credit. Elite Ride Credit will be awarded for each reservation at a Qualifying Rate Member personally pays for, and not for any additional services the Member may have paid for.

So long as the Member provides their Membership Number at the time of payment. Elite bonus Points will not be awarded on charges incurred by the Member without a ride. Charges from food and beverage outlets managed or operated by a third party may not be eligible for earning Points. Charges incurred at outlets that are not located within the Participating Rides are not Qualifying Charges.

MyTravelThru Events. Members may earn Points and Elite Ride Credit for eligible groups, meetings and events in connection with MyTravelThru events under a Qualifying Event Agreement if the Member is an eligible meeting planner. More information available at  MyTravelThru loyalty terms and conditions.

Points Posting. Provided that the correct MyTravelThru Membership Account Number is added at time of booking or before the end of the ride, Points will be updated by email to Member within thirty-day (30) days following the completion of their ride.


Award Redemption. Unless otherwise noted, a Member may redeem Points for a Standard Redemption Award as well as apply a Free Ride Award for (“Rewarded Rides”). Other Award Redemption options not offered by Cash + Points Awards, and Instant Redemption Awards. For more information on each Award Redemption Rides option, refer to MyTravelThru loyalty terms and conditions.

Subject to Availability. The ability to use an Award Redemption for a Ride at a market is subject to availability at the time of reservation and must be booked through

Award Redemption Reservation. When making a reservation for an Award Redemption Ride, the required Points and/or applied Free Ride Award(s) will be deducted and the Award Redemption will be attached to the reservation automatically, provided the Member has sufficient Points for the entire ride. Award Redemption Rides are valid only for individual travel and are not valid for group travel, package tours, conventions or other special rates and/or package programs.

Gifted Award Redemption Rides (Third Party Transfers). Award Redemption Rides are valid only for use by the Member from whose Account the Award Redemption Rides were processed and are not transferable, except as set forth below. Members have the option to transfer Points to another Member’s Account as described in Section 2.7 of the Program Rules.

A Member may request an Award Redemption Ride to be issued to another person and where the Member will not be staying (each such stay, a “Gifted Award Redemption Ride” and, collectively, “Gifted Award Redemption Rides”), only when booking the Award Redemption Ride reservation through Member Support. All Award Redemption Ride Types listed under Section 3.3 of the Program Rules are eligible to be gifted to another person.

A Member may book a maximum of five (5) Gifted Award Redemption Rides in a calendar year on a single Membership Account.

When booking a Gifted Award Redemption Ride reservation, a Member must provide to Member Support their Membership Number and name, as well as the name of the person who will be receiving at the Participating Ride (the recipient). Both names and the Member’s Membership Number must be provided to Loyalty Member Support at time of booking the Gifted Award Redemption Ride. If a Member makes an Award Redemption Ride reservation first, they must contact Loyalty Member Support to then add the recipient’s name. They cannot contact hotlines or other support members to add the recipient name. 

If a Member needs to make a change to an existing Gifted Award Redemption Rides reservation, they must contact Member Support. Date changes are subject to availability, and the Member is responsible for the changes to the Points or cash, as applicable.

With a Gifted Award Redemption Ride neither the Member nor the recipient will earn any Points, Elite Points Credit, or Qualifying Rides in connection with such Gifted Award Redemption Ride. In addition, the recipient on the Gifted Award Redemption Ride will not receive the transfer of any Elite benefits associated with the Member’s Account.

At check-in, the recipient of the Gifted Award Redemption Ride must show valid identification For incidental charges, the recipient will receive the same compensations as the Member. 

Guarantee and Cancellation Policies. The standard guarantee and cancellation policies of MyTravelThru guests will apply to Award Redemption Ride reservations including, without limitation, all minimum rides requirements, credit card guarantee requirements and charges for late cancellation, no-shows, delays, car upgrades. 

If a Member fails to cancel a guaranteed Award Redemption Ride reservation within the permitted cancellation period (24 hours prior the pick-up time), the fees will not be refundable and the Points that were redeemed will not be re-deposited into the Member’s Account. 

Amount of Points Required. The amount of Points required per trip to obtain complimentary rides, the vehicle types available at the booking moment, length of trip, and may also vary by time of year. Points required per trip are updated continuously and may change at any time. If the Member makes a modification to the Award Redemption Ride, the Member is responsible for the changes to the Points required. 

Award Redemption Ride Inclusions & Exclusions. An Award Redemption Ride covers the cost of the all-inclusive package which includes, but is not limited to, sedan, tax, service charge, transaction fee, and standard beverage on car, for up to two people. Extra-person charges for the third, fourth, or more guests in the ride are an additional fee and are not included in the Award Redemption as a form of payment. This fee as well as all other charges are the responsibility of the Loyalty Program Member and are not included in the Award Redemption Ride. Loyalty Program Members must inform drivers/supplier of the correct number of guests for each reservation for such rides, including any extra persons beyond the first and second guest, and the correct ages of any children for each such reservation. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify the ride rate a Member must pay for a reservation to reflect the correct guest count, including children, for such reservation. 

Standard cars vary between markets. With an Award Redemption Ride, extra services such as car decorations, premium beverages may be requested, but are not guaranteed. 

Exit of Markets. If a market exits the Loyalty Program for any reason after a Member makes an Award Redemption Ride reservation but before the Member’s ride, the Company will use reasonable efforts to have such former complimentary rides honor the reservation or assist in arranging equivalent rides for other occasion; however, the Company cannot guarantee that any Awards, upgrades or any other benefits a Member may earn under the Loyalty Program will be honored.

Award Redemption Stays Outside Singapore. An Award Redemption Ride at a destination outside Singapore is subject to all required government approvals, restrictions, and applicable taxes.  Members are responsible for these government mandated taxes, fees, etc.

Limited Blackout Dates. Suppliers may have a limited number of standard cars available for redemption on a limited number of days.

MyTravelThru Gift Cards. Members may redeem their Points for MyTravelThru Gift Cards (“Gift Cards”) which may be used for rides, as well as at participating retail, spa, golf and food and beverage outlets, and meetings expenses are under the Eligible Brands described in the Gift Cards terms and conditions on the GIFT CARD WEBSITE available at Gift card terms and conditions.

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