SAW Pick-up Instruction – Ahsad Turizm

Hello from MyTravelThru,

I hope you are exited for your trip to Istanbul (SAW) tomorrow!

We are confirming your airport transfer and sending pick up instructions.

Transfer company name: Ahsad Turizm TRANSFERYOLCU

Meeting point: After you exit the airport go to Column 9, yellow sign 88.

The Greeter is waiting for you with a name sign.

SAW Pick-up Instruction - Ahsad Turizm
SAW Pick-up Instruction – Ahsad Turizm

If you do not see a Ahsad Turizm TRANSFERYOLCU representative they are attending to another customer. Please call them on: +905448521929-and +905448591929 or call MyTravelThru on: +84778553868 to notify them you are at the pick up location.

Istanbul SAW is a very busy airport and you may be required to wait 5-10 minutes for your transfer. A representative will be with you shortly

We wish you a pleasant flight tomorrow.

If you need anything please call or text +905448521929-and +905448591929 or +84778553868 for 24/7 assistance.

Thank you,



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