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Ride-hailing companies have made a lasting mark in the urban transport marketplace in hundreds of cities worldwide. Features such as tracking drivers, splitting the fare with other riders, and quickly have contributed to the expansion of ride-hailing, attracting demand mainly from the traditional taxi market.

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Lift, Uber, Grab, and GoJek,… are the most popular ride-hailing companies in the world. Everybody welcomes The Ride-Hailing Apps because of their significant benefits. However, they have disadvantages, too. If you know these problems, you are ready for a smooth move.


  • Competitive Pricing: The price will display when you check your way in the app. The decision to book is utterly dependent on you. Uber, Grab, Lyft, etc.. are comparatively less expensive than a traditional car and taxi services. If you choose ride-sharing or carpooling, it will evolve a lot cheaper. Also, you will find that lesser disputes are seen to happen than in any other traditional taxi service.
  • The driver will come quickly after confirming the successful booking: Before, people who needed a cab had to wait for the taxi to arrive. It was a waste of time. In place of chasing a cab on the street, users need to simply book tickets from any location.

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  • Have a variety of vehicles for your choice. There are cars, taxis, and motorbikes. Different types have different prices.
  • Routine moving clearly in the app: Once a driver agrees with an assignment, passengers can track the driver’s position and route and communicate with the driver if required. The best part of choosing them is that it is secure for passengers.
  • Booking for someone else: With the foreword of personal transport services, you can easily book a car, motorbike,.. via your smartphone from any area.
  • Convenience and Cashless: You can make an instant payment by linking your debit/credit card to your app account. It eliminates the need to carry money. Users will get the receipt via email.
  • Quality of Driver: Ride-Hailing Companies remove unprofessional drivers. That depends on the ratings that passengers provide for the performance of a specific driver. If a driver has consistently low ratings, they will replace that incompetent driver with a skilled one.


  • To use this service in a country, you need a sim of that country to register an account and cash to pay. Of course, you can transfer, but you must have a bank card authorized to assign to this country if you are an international guest.
  • Sometimes, These apps are slow due to lots of users’ access at the same time. Especially difficult to book a car when it rains or bad weather.

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  • Some places have not been updated on the map, causing drivers to have to run back and forth but still cannot find the location of the customer standing.
  • Drivers are primarily concentrating in critical cities beside a few other cities. If you are traveling in a specific countryside, you will most likely have to call another vehicle.

Some alternatives

  • Traditional taxi: You must call the company’s switchboard to ask if the driver is still available. Then if they confirm, the driver will come to pick you up. The trip schedule is not displayed, and you don’t know the price in advance of the trip. In some cases, the driver will run around to collect more money from tourists because the transportation price is calculated based on the meter on the car.

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  • Global Private Chauffeur & Airport Transfers: you will have to book a few days in advance. Besides, you also need to make a deposit. But your trip will be flexible up to 200km. They will refund you if the reason for the cancellation is valid. In particular, the driver is always ready to wait for you with a nameplate when you land at the airport. This service costs a little more than ride-hailing apps, but it solves all the problems of ride-hailing apps. Prestigious brands in this field: Mozio, MyTravelthru, WelcometoPickup,…

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