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Pullman Resort Phu Quoc is conveniently located on the southwest tip of pearl island, just 12 minutes from the Phu Quoc International Airport along with a host of tourist attractions. It is also a tranquil, tailor-made spot for those who are looking for somewhere to work and play.

Modern beauty of Pullman Resort Phu Quoc

Pullman Resort Phu Quoc
Pullman Resort Phu Quoc

Taking inspiration from a fish swimming towards the Gulf of Thailand, this eco-resort has touched many travelers’ hearts through its luxurious but environmentally friendly design.

Comfortable furniture inside Pullman Resort Phu Quoc

With more than 331 exquisite rooms, suites, cabanas, and a pool villa, each room can be tailor-made to reach your expectations through the breathtaking tropical ocean views whether you want to view it from a private terrace or a stylish balcony.

The dining options are also another unmissable experience when you come here, with options ranging from Phu Quoc’s finest steakhouse and a pop-up seafood restaurant to food carts that wander the resort as well as diverse drinks under the shining bar.

pullman phu quoc resort accommodation

Whether you are relaxing indoors or taking a sunbath in the beachy vibes, joining in trendy activities, or indulging yourself in relaxing spa treatments, this 5-star luxury resort will be beyond your satisfaction.

pullman phu quoc resort breathtaking view from swimming pool

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