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Prepare for a trip abroad- What are things? Besides some essential criteria that everyone usually does before each trip, such as destinations, food, and specialties of the area in advance, the luggage in the suitcase we carry is also an essential factor important to have a pleasant trip.

Because when going to a foreign country, everything is entirely unfamiliar, and it is impossible to communicate fluently in the local language, when there is a problem, it will be more challenging to solve than in your own country. What does Mytravelthru prepare for a trip abroad?

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Dress appropriately for the weather, purpose, and culture of the area

In Barcelona, ​​visitors cannot wear bikinis, swimwear, or topless and leave the beach area. Likewise, each country may have its dress code. Therefore, wear appropriate clothing that shows respect for the culture of that area.

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Besides, comfortable clothing contributes to a pleasant trip. If the primary purpose is to go to the Dominican Republic for trekking, prepare comfortable clothes, sturdy sports shoes, and a hat to avoid heatstroke.

And if your purpose is to take pictures, try to choose clothes with colors that match the tone of that place. More simply, wear the clothes you find beautiful.

You should check the weather in the area to bring the right gear. Plus enough underwear for half a trip, wash and wear.

Remember to bring a pair of sneakers for walking, a couple of beach sandals if you go to the beach, or High Heels for a fiery party if you want.

Some technological devices are inseparable – One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad

Of course, it’s the camera, the phone, and a few more things. The first is a backup charger. We don’t know where we can charge our phones, so it’s best to bring a power bank with a large enough capacity. I think one backup charger, 10000 mAh, is enough until I find a place to charge.

One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad
One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad

Don’t forget to bring a charging cord. If they are “hungry”, your trip won’t go smoothly.

Neatly, you can be together in one compartment to avoid messing up. But, I wished for a future where there was charging everything without needing messy wires. I hate having to untie those wires.

In some cases, it is advisable to bring a plug because some countries habitually use a particular socket type. Typically, electrical sockets in Indonesia are round 2-pin.

If you go alone or do not want to ask someone else to take pictures for you, remember to bring a tripod. Besides headphones, watches are also beneficial things.

Medicine needs to prepare for a trip abroad 

Eating strange foods and getting stomachaches abroad are expected, so make it a habit to bring the medicine with you on every trip. I usually bring medicine for stomachache, pain relievers, flu and mosquito spray, and medical gauze. It sounds like a lot, but a few of each type takes up a little space package.

Identity papers – One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad

Make sure you have your passport in hand before heading to the airport. A visa can instead of identification. But keep bringing it because it also serves some other unexpected procedures. For example, if you intend to rent a car to travel abroad, you must obtain an International Driving Permit.

One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad
One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad

You should put your documents in a waterproof bag. Take a photo or print out all tickets, reservations, and car rental receipts from the airport to the hotel in case your phone runs out of battery or suddenly fails. In addition, please photocopy your passport and identity document 1; one copy to stay at home, and one copy to bring with you in case of loss.

Several types of personal items – One of the things need prepare for a trip abroad

One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad
One of the things need to prepare for a trip abroad

Cosmetics: lipstick, sunscreen, cleanser, eyeliner, anti-drift foundation, eyeshadow, lotion. 

Personal hygiene tools: Toothbrush, washcloth, toothpaste, mini dryer (if needed), shower gel, and shampoo in a small bag, or you can separate the extractor bottle to carry.

Some other little notes

  • Bring a pen to be ready to fill out immigration documents quickly. Your plane carries hundreds of people, and everyone disembarks at the same time and needs to enter, but the public pens at the airport are only a few.
  • If you bring your phone, remember to unlock it first to install a sim from another country.
  • Do not bring items on the prohibited list when boarding the plane.
  • Bringing an international card to both withdraw money and swipe to pay is very convenient, but you must call to inform about the trip in advance to save the bank trouble when seeing a strange transaction; people locking the card is very annoying.

If anything is more critical, please leave a comment to let us know. If it is difficult to book a car in foreign countries, don’t hesitate to contact MyTravelThru because we are in 150 countries and we are always ready to pick you up.

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