Recommend The Best Plan For A Rome Trip In 3 Days And 2 Nights

Plan for a Rome trip,  an excellent suggestion for your trip. Rome is the beautiful capital city of Italy. It has so many masterpiece paintings, historical architecture, and ancient relics. Although it is an ancient city, it’s always much powerful, keeping up with the modern life of the 21st century. Everyone also wants to travelling Rome at least once in their life.

Day 1 – Coming And Check-in

You take a plane to Rome – Fiumicino airport, the distance from the city center is about 30km. How do you go from the airport to the city center?

  • Book airport transfers service Mytravelthru: You can book the car through Klook, Traveloka, Booking, or visit the website:
  • By express train – Leonardo Express: The train station is located on the 2nd floor, there will be directions when you get off the airport. There will be a trip every 30 minutes, the fare is 14€/time/person.

Arriving at the hotel and check-in, you should take a rest after a long flight and enjoy the exciting journey.

According to our plan for a Rome trip, firstly, we should go to the Colosseum, which is located in the valley between the Palantine and the Capitoline hills. The construction is the most famous archaeological site in the world. When you come here, you will be immersed in the ancient atmosphere where the roots of the first Roman Empire began. Over nearly 2000 years, the Colosseum has been destroyed a lot, but still retains its unique features and is considered a symbol of Rome.


Next, you can visit the Vatican Museums. The Vatican Museum was built in the 6th century when it was founded by Pope Julius. The museum, located in the center of Rome, is always open. You don’t have to pay the entrance fee. It displays many art collections of famous artists such as Giotto, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci… The most prominent attraction at the Museum is the Sistine Chapel, where the famous painting by Michelangelo is displayed.

Vatican Museums
Vatican Museums

You should book a table upstairs at Roscioli for dinner, there will be many interesting things waiting for you. You can start with some light fries with fish oil, sliced ​​topped with cheese or vanilla butter. The standout main meal here is Carbonara noodles: spaghetti with pork, eggs, and cream. You can also order more wine.

Roscioli Restaurant in Rome
Roscioli Restaurant in Rome

Day 2 – Enjoy Your Plan for a Rome Trip

You should start your day with a quality breakfast at the Coromandel. The Patheon temple – the greatest architectural works of the ancient Roman empire, the place of worship of the Roman gods – is the next place in our plan for a Rome trip.  It’s located in the heart of the city, this place attracts many visitors every day.

The Patheon temple
The Patheon temple

Then we take a short lunch break and visit Trevi fountain which is one of the beautiful and poetic works, typical of the Baroque architectural style. In the center of the fountain is a statue of the sea god standing on a chariot driven by two fish-headed gods. After coming back hotel to rest and take a shower, we have a wonderful dinner at Trapizzino. Let’s take a walk together to see the city at night and don’t forget to eat ice cream at Fatamorgana.

Trevi fountain
Trevi fountain

Day 3 – Buy Souvenirs And Say Goodbye

Buying souvenirs is one of the indispensable things in the plan for a Rome trip. What to buy in Rome? You can buy pottery with sophisticated beauty and harmony between ancient and modern beauty. Glass is also a unique gift when traveling to Italy with its distinctive colors, shapes, and patterns. Italy is also very famous for its age-old chocolate production. You can also visit the shopping mall to buy yourself some accessories and clothes.

It’s time you came back home. How do you arrive airport? You should go to the airport by express train or book the airport transfers service Mytravelthru.

You can learn more about the service on Twitter or LinkedIn. Hope this plan for a Rome trip can help you have a great trip.



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