The ritual New Year’s customs around the world 2023

New Year’s Customs – Only a few days remain till we say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year—2023. Wherever you are, you will be immersed in the hectic mood of welcoming the New Year worldwide. However, each culture will have its own practices for ringing in the new year.

Let’s go exploring these fascinating civilizations with MyTravelThru right now.

Happy New Year 2023
Happy New Year 2023

What are some New Years’ customs?


On New Year’s Eve, it is customary in Spain to eat 12 grapes at a time. Each grape indicates a month of good fortune in the next year. People congregate in the central squares of bigger towns such as Madrid and Barcelona to eat grapes and share bottles of cava.

New year in Spain
New year in Spain


The ritual of “groundbreaking” is done throughout Scotland at the Hogmanay New Year’s Eve celebration. The first person to enter a residence in the new year should bring a good gift. Scots also have bonfire celebrations, in which people march while swinging large fireballs on poles, said to represent the sun, to cleanse the next year.

New year in Scotland
New year in Scotland


In Finland, people forecast the following year by pouring molten tin into a container of water and analyzing the shape of the metal as it hardens. A heart or ring indicates a wedding, a ship indicates a journey, and a pig indicates that there will be lots of food.

New year in Finland
New year in Finland

What are the New Year’s customs for luck?

Keep your money under the rug – One of the New Year’s Customs in Euro

Consider saving all of your money for New Year’s Eve next year, as some Romanians do. It is claimed among this set of Eastern Europeans that sweeping the bills under the rug before the clock strikes midnight assures a good year ahead.

Wear red underwear and smash a couple of glasses while yelling the famous “Happy New Year!” to enhance your chances.

Keep your money under the rug
Keep your money under the rug

Burn an “old man”

It may sound harsh, but many of our southern neighbors think it’s perfectly great. People in some regions of Mexico, particularly in the south, put the past behind them by making a human-sized effigy that is burnt at midnight on New Year’s Day.

Burn an old man
Burn an old man

A year to finish an old cycle and begin over. This custom may also be present in other Latin American nations, such as Ecuador, where the dummies can take on the appearance of anybody from politicians to nasty cartoon characters. Go crazy.

Turn on the oven and turn on the music

More money and general success often come with a little effort. So, if you want to make it big in 2018, many individuals in Trinidad and Tobago feel it’s necessary to maintain their homes neat and tidy, as well as participate in some holiday cooking.

Locals think that cooking black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day will make your dreams come true. Play jazz, a folk song popular around the holidays for good luck, and there will be nothing to stop you next year.

Peel some grapes and carry your suitcase

Fruit plays an important role in this Latin American ritual. In certain nations, such as Venezuela and Bolivia, it is believed that eating exactly 12 grapes at midnight brings good fortune.

Another method for individuals hoping to travel in the next year is to drag a suitcase around the block or around the home in order to visit more places in 2018. Some Latin Americans believe in the outcome. Ending the night by counting money will allow you to spend more on future excursions.

Wave goodbye to bad luck
Those that prefer extreme traditions over remaining at home and cooking may choose to explore ringing the bells to welcome the new year in Brazil. If you go to Rio de Janeiro on New Year’s Eve, pack lovely white clothing that is thought to bring harmony in the next year.

If you want to improve your prospects of success in the new year, the Brazilians think that midnight should catch you in the sea, jumping over seven waves. Some believe you can’t look away from the water when leaping since it will have the opposite effect.

What are family traditions for Happy New Year?

A family tradition is a habit or action that represents the values, tastes, or beliefs of a family. It is hoped that once established, it will be carried down the generations. It reflects your specific family unit and is similar to your own family culture.

Tet family photoshoot
New Year’s family photo shoot is one of our favorite traditions! In fact, my family usually loves it and we all dress up in black and silver or gold for the New Year’s Eve party.

Tet family photoshoot
Tet family photoshoot

Watch family videos
You’ve probably filmed a million home videos this year. Compile them before New Year’s Eve and give them some thought.

Watch family videos
Watch family videos

Gift exchange dice game

The redemption dice game is another fantastic New Year’s Eve game! Everyone brings at least one present. To find out what you’ll do with your present, roll the dice!
Are you looking forward to the upcoming new year? We wish you a prosperous and healthy new year. Happy New Year.

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