Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking Statement

Our Business and Structure

MyTravelThru PTE. LTD, (through our trading name MyTravelThru) is a world-leading B2B end-to-end travel technology solution provider. We build partnerships for travel businesses such as airlines, online travel agents, and accommodation providers by connecting their customers with private transfer and other transportation solutions worldwide.

MyTravelThru also introduces customers directly to ground transportation solutions through our B2C brands (MyTravelThru, MaiRides, TransferA2B, TransferA2Z).

Our company values, along with our focus on people and process, underpin how we create a successful global online marketplace bringing partners, customers, and suppliers together and in turn, life opportunities.

Our Supply Chains

MyTravelThru provides marketing and essential services for providers of transportation-related products. MyTravelThru itself does not provide and is not responsible for providing such products, and instead it facilitates the booking of those products by end customers.

MyTravelThru provides the majority of its services from our HQ in Singapore. Most of our customer service calls are outsourced to our dedicated center in Da Nang, Vietnam.

The Da Nang Center allows us to cater to a diverse, multilingual customer experience across multiple time zones. The center is managed and overseen to the same high operational, ethical, and reporting standards as our Singapore HQ, resulting in a strong focus on consistency of operating performance. This level of oversight allows us to diligently monitor our operations for any potential risks to our workforce and supply chain.

MyTravelThru procures IT services, hardware and software, professional services, and office supplies from reputable providers. The nature of MyTravelThru operations ensures that exposure to modern slavery is lower risk than for companies operating in other sectors. Still, MyTravelThru is committed to staying vigilant and to doing its part to increase awareness of issues relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our Approach

MyTravelThru has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and unethical conduct in our business relationships. To facilitate this approach, our Whistleblowing Policy is on our intranet homepage. It has been distributed to all staff and is a central part of our new induction process. We understand that a culture of openness and accountability is essential to prevent such activities from occurring and going unsanctioned.

In addition, to proactively identify and address any issues that could adversely affect our operations, productivity, and reputation as an ethical organization, we provide a third-party speak-up reporting facility to allow employees to report concerns 24/7, either online or via toll-free telephone confidentially.

In addition, our standard supply contract includes a clause that binds transportation suppliers to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and all applicable anti-slavery legislation. We also conduct due diligence checks on our transportation suppliers in this context.

All staff are trained on an annual basis to be vigilant to the signs and dangers of modern slavery and encouraged were necessary to speak up and utilize the Whistleblowing reporting options within the company. All new staff must also read and acknowledge our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy which provides further context around the impact of unethical behavior on our company and the people we do business with.

Our Ongoing Mission

Over the coming year, MyTravelThru intends to maintain and build on our focus on identifying and managing modern slavery risks within our business by further developing the abovementioned measures.
We aim to evolve as a company and will continue to review and assess our company policies in light of modern slavery.
This statement will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate.


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