MIA Nha Trang – The Ultimate Luxury Comforts!

Nestled on the shores of a quiet sandy bay around tropical gardens and the crystal blue waters of the East Sea, MIA Nha Trang is a contemporary experience highlighted with secluded ocean vibes.

Overview MIA Nha Trang 

Taking its name from the Vietnamese sugar cane, the resort has been renowned as a “tropically green” spot in every sense, both in its appearance and environmentally-friendly materials. There are ten stunning beachfront residences with pristine ocean views, along with a host of eco-rooms and villas.

MIA Nha Trang
MIA Nha Trang

Also, all accommodations are covered by lush grass-made rooftops which are a much preferable form of insulation and help in making Mia more carbon neutral.

MIA Nha Trang
MIA Nha Trang

With the high standard in every aspect, the boutique resort offers a culinary discovery ranging from International delicacies to traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Besides, an extensive selection of drinks & cocktails will dazzle your taste buds. In addition to satisfying your palate, the Xanh Spa will attend to you with a series of treatments along with energetic activities to help you feel rejuvenated!

MIA Nha Trang
MIA Nha Trang

Whether you need to escape from a bustling lifestyle for a while or seek for a scenic location for the most important day of your life, the Mia Resort will meet your personal needs. All in all, you will personalize your experience with an intimate atmosphere or a memorable event with your loved ones.
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