Meet May Tran and follow how she won the “Best Manager of the 2022” award by MyTravelThru.

We caught up with May Tran – A Data & QCI Team Lead – the face of the “Best Manager of the 2022” award by MyTravelThru. In EP.2 of the series “MTT CAREER TALK,” she shares how she won this impressive award.

“With the award of “Best Manager of the 2022” by MyTravelThru, I think the result partly comes from Mr. Tan’s organoleptic estimation. Because at MyTravelThru, many other team leaders are equally as hardworking and devoted as me.
Besides, I feel lucky to have started with MyTravelThru at opportune arrival when my work experience is ripe. That makes it easier to apply at work, and I can contribute more.

In fact, if I were not assigned new tasks, I would not be able to get this award. Therefore, I am very grateful to Mr. Tan for trusting me to manage both Data and QCI departments. Significantly, also indispensable for team members’ support; thank you for helping me even though I consider myself a straightforward and fastidious Team Lead.

My point in the process of working is supporting everyone based on my ability. I any task that can make the members easier and happier, I will do it. For example, If there is a job that I can do best in the organization, I am ready to undertake it.”

Her hard work, enthusiasm, and responsibility have helped her get well-deserved results in 2022. A big thank you for working to make our products more inclusive! We hope that the following year, we will still interview her for the best manager performance in 2023.
MTT CAREER TALK – A new series that tells real career stories with the participation of Leaders, Professionals, and Executives of MyTravelThru.

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