Is ChatGPT a threat to Marketing human labor?

Mr. Bao Binh has spent six years working in Marketing. At present, he is a potential manager of MyTravelThru. He brought MyTravelThru the new renovation of Marketing, and let’s see what he says about CHAT GPT.

“In fact, AI was first written around the 1950s, and its goal was to assist, replace or help people complete tasks, or even for entertainment,… In Marketing, AI plays an important role in conducting market research due to its ability to aggregate Big Data and analyze/select data.

The launch of Chat GPT has recently been driving many people to the incredulity that industries along with content creation in general and Marketing in particular, may become obsolete, and Marketing personnel may be eliminated any time soon.

The nervousness results from the fact that ChatGPT is able to write short stories, solve math problems, write code, give advice, and even help with exercises to pass the MBA exam. However, in the current time, the AI chatbot still lacks the necessary critical thinking skills or the ability to define a thing as right or wrong and make unsupervised decisions. In addition, ChatGPT’s database has only been updated until 2021. Therefore, without a doubt, it cannot answer all the questions.

In my opinion, humans are perceived as better and always a step ahead of AI. Consequently, AI can fully replace humans and take over jobs only when we all – humans disappear and never be found again! 

Marketing personnel could also rest assured that the development of AI will not impact negatively or put people at risk of unemployment. In fact, when you stop making efforts at work, your boss will lay you off before the AI does.”


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