Best first-aid training course at MyTravelThru 2022

The first-aid training course is a useful course for everyone. Human health safety is becoming an increasing concern for society. Companies and enterprises create conditions for their employees to participate in the event in addition to prevention measures such as building solid facilities and equipping them with modern and safe machinery and equipment. Attend first aid classes for everyday situations.

The importance of the First-aid training course

In a safe society, every employee serves as a backup doctor for himself, his coworkers, and his loved ones. MyTravelThru organized a first-aid training course for all employees right at the office in Da Nang, Vietnam.

First-aid training course at MyTravelThru
First-aid training course at MyTravelThru

This is significant because workers are cared for and protected at the site and time of the accident if they have occupational diseases, reducing the risk of affecting the quality of treatment later as well as minimizing adverse effects on worker health.

Even first aid can save the lives of workers suffering from accidents or serious occupational diseases such as stroke, poisoning, or fainting when exposed to a toxic environment or injured in an accident. heavy, losing a lot of blood.

Although you do not always have to deal with emergency situations, accidents do occur on a regular basis. Even if you are an observer, seeing an accident is not a pleasant sight. If an accident occurs at work, you cannot simply stand there helpless, as this can exacerbate the situation. Accidents and emergencies are never pleasant, but they do occur.

Nobody knows when or where an accident will occur. Simply put, being trained in first aid reduces the occurrence of the worst-case scenarios while also increasing the chances of saving someone’s life. When you attend a first aid training course.

First-aid training course at MyTravelThru

This course is extremely beneficial, not only for workplace accidents but also for cases at home or in society. We are well informed about the various types of accidents, how to avoid them, how to provide proper and timely first aid, and how to avoid causing negative consequences when an accident occurs.

Following training, an assistant will model first aid steps according to a clear, specific procedure, making it easy for learners to understand and practice right away in order to remember what they have learned for a longer period of time. Doctors and assistants will point out the wrong points to help you overcome them effectively as you learn and practice.

Practice first aid training
Practice first aid training
Practice first aid
Practice first aid

MyTravelThru staff had a great time learning and practicing first aid together. Lessons like this not only help with knowledge and skills but also help employees in the company bond more closely.
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