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Dubai Metro Station is the longest driverless train line. Dubai is a lovely city known for its wealth. Not only that, but one of the greatest benefits of modernization and the application of modern science and technology is that the world has become its master. If you want to partake in this fascinating experience with MyTravelThru – the airport transfer service, you should come to Dubai.

Dubai Metro station – The Driverless Train

Dubai Metro went into operation at 9:9 pm on September 9, 2009 – a very beautiful time frame showing the great expectations of the Dubai government. This driverless electric train has 47 stations and two tracks.

Dubai Metro Station
Dubai Metro Station

The Dubai government employed 30,000 workers to construct this driverless metro system in four years.  Without a driver, it is entirely automatic. This allows it to be the “longest metro system in the world with technology.”

Dubai Metro Station must focus on design in addition to passenger transportation to give the city a beautiful appearance by the Arabian Sea. The elevated stations are soft and oblong, rather than rigid. The shape of the station’s roof is most concerned with exuding the number one characteristic of the Dubai metro.

The details are intricately built into the shape of a shell, creating an open, airy, and extremely comfortable environment for both staff and passengers. The driverless trains in Dubai have five compartments, four of which are similar to trams.

The remaining compartment is divided into two cabins: one for women and children, and the other for first or gold-class passengers.

Routes and most useful information about Metro Dubai

Dubai Metro is the world’s longest underground line, with a total length of 75 kilometers, three maps, and 49 stations. To serve as many train passengers as possible, the metro runs almost all of Dubai, from suburbs to commercial centers, financial business areas, and complexes.

As a result, the train’s operation route is not too picky, but it is divided into two ways: the red line and the green line.

Dubai Metro map interactive route
Dubai Metro map interactive route

The Dubai metro map:

  • The Dubai metro Red Line, which runs from the northeast to the southwest along Dubai’s busy Sheikh Zayed Road, accounts for two-thirds of the journey. There are 3.5 kilometers on the ground, 5.7 kilometers in the tunnel, and 42.8 kilometers on the viaduct. With 29 stations to pick up and drop off passengers and two large parking lots, this area is ideal for moving and connecting with other modes of transportation.
  • The Green Line is 23 kilometers long and runs north of the city, with 20 pickup stations and one parking lot. The Green Line spans 14.7 kilometers above ground and 8.3 kilometers underground.

Dubai Metro Station was built to extremely high and stringent specifications. The wifi network covers the entire area, the waiting rooms are very luxurious, and the air-conditioning network is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Stations and train lines, on the other hand, are typically elevated but partially underground. Wi-Fi, ATMs, and numerous retail stores are available at train stations.

Some notes and automation process of the Metro Dubai train

Metro Dubai Station: Most processes, including ticketing, are automated. If you want to travel to Dubai by driverless train, you must go to the ticket counter and swipe your card. There are no ticket checkers on the train either.

All stations have glass doors between the train line and the yard, which ensures the safety of passengers boarding and disembarking.

Depending on the direction of travel, the Gold Class cabin is located at the front or back of the train. The first-class cabin has single seats rather than long seats like a regular train compartment.

Furthermore, the bur Dubai metro station has an information display system and loudspeakers to assist passengers. Because the signs are all in English, international visitors will have no trouble identifying them.

Dubai metro prices: the train, however, does not have a ticket checker, and passengers who sit in the wrong compartment will be fined approximately 27 USD. The standard cabin is also quite spacious and well-kept.

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