I. Problems with booking, canceling rides

During the booking process on the website, if any problems arise during the booking process including but not limited to:

– Filling in and confirming the information about the car/place to be booked

– Payment process

– Cancellations and refunds

–Technical errors, software errors or other objective errors that lead to customers not completing the booking transaction

Please use one of the following forms of support:

– Chat with online customer support

– Send email to

– Call the hotline (+84) 979 990 945 (24/7)

II. Problems when using the service

If the driver does not arrive on time and has not notified you prior to your arrival, please take the initiative to utilize another service to ensure that it does not affect your work. Please keep the payment invoice and send it back to us within 24 working hours to, we will compensate the difference with the valid invoice and the maximum compensation will be based on the equivalent service price at the time of the incident.

If there is a problem in confirming the e-ticket between the customer and the driver, the basis for dispute resolution is based on the information and documents (e-ticket code or personal information) provided by the customer. This information will be compared with the information provided by the customer when making a reservation that has been stored on the database system of

In the event of a complaint regarding service time. The basis for dispute resolution is the information the customer has provided about the pick up time recorded on the system and the waiting time as detailed in our Transportation Policy.  If the driver violates the specified time, the customer has the right to complain for compensation.

In the event of complaints related to the attitude and quality of service of the driver as well as the quality of the vehicle, the basis for dispute resolution is the content you discuss directly with the switchboard (recorded) or supporting documents such as photos, audio files, third party testimony, etc. provided by the customer.

 For all problems that arise when using the service, please contact support through one of the following ways:

 – Contact directly with the carrier that is serving you.

– Call the hotline (+84) 979 990 945 (24/7).

 Note: You need to respond within 24 working hours to or (+84) 979 990 945 (24/7) from the time the problem arises or there is content to report a complaint. so that we have a basis to check and come up with a resolution plan.

 III. Other occurrences

When any problems arise, the first basis for dispute resolution is based on our Shipping Policy. We will make every reasonable effort to resolve customer complaints using the online booking service.

 If such efforts fail, the customer must agree that any customer’s complaint or dispute against us will be resolved in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

 Please contact us in one of the following ways when you need assistance:

– Send email to

– Call the hotline (+84) 979 990 945 (24/7).

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