Christmas in Australia – A unique experience

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Christmas is approaching. If you want to enjoy a warm holiday, then come to Christmas in Australia. This country not only has the famous Sydney Opera House but also many other tourist attractions for visitors to explore.

Let’s look at the facts of summer Christmas in Australia with MyTravelThru.

Christmas weather in Australia

Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Australia


Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. However, Christmas time in Australia occurs during the summer, when the weather is hot and humid. As a result, another Christmas is celebrated in Australia in July, in the thick of winter.

Christmas celebration in Australia falls in the summer because of its unique geographical location in the Southern Hemisphere, with temperatures occasionally reaching 30-40 degrees Celsius.

Cozy European-style Christmas gatherings by the fireplace, complete with turkeys, baked goods, bacon, and pudding, are almost non-existent in Australian households. In return, Australia celebrates Christmas in its own unique style, with grilled shrimp, delicious cherries, and crowded beaches.

Because the weather is extremely warm, the Christmas party will not feature sweaters, but rather unusual hats that will make the event more memorable. Along the paths, you’ll witness people wearing paper hats and shooting candy cannons, as well as cars with reindeer horns.

Christmas celebrations in Australia

Christmas in Australia decorations in their homes with “Christmas Bush,” a native Australian tree with small green leaves and cream blossoms. The blossoms turn a gleaming red in the summer.

Christmas trees and Christmas lights are frequently used to decorate people’s homes and gardens. Neighbors will occasionally hold mini-contests to see who has the most fabulous home décor. Neighbors frequently pay each other visits at night.

If somebody is looking forward to Christmas Eve in Australia to go out on the streets and mingle with the throng to celebrate Christmas, they will be disappointed because indigenous Australians rarely celebrate Christmas on the street.

Experiencing Christmas in an Australian family directly exposes one to the warmth and spirituality of the season. It gives any foreign visitor a sense of the sacred, as though something significant is taking place.

Christmas in Australian food

The Christmas celebration starts with a glass of cold, light wine and delicious appetizers like shrimp skewers. Without turkey and a variety of Australian salads, the main course would be incomplete.

Dessert features numerous special traditional dishes, the best of which is plum pudding served with fresh cream. According to locals, the cake takes 6-7 hours to prepare and may be stored for several months with practically the original flavor intact.

The best place to go for Christmas in Australia

Northeast Victoria – One of the best places to go for Christmas in Australia

It is not only an excellent destination for a winter vacation, but also for a summer getaway. You can wander around the park at a leisurely pace. This region also offers several restaurants and wonderful cafés that always welcome you with local dishes. The broad, open alpine scenery soothes visitors.

Start your expedition at Lord Howe Island

Because of its uncommon flora and fauna, the island is on the World Heritage List. The Admiralty Islands can be seen from lookout posts on Lord Howe, which is ringed by the southern reef. Mutton Bird Island and the Bali Pyramids are both quite far apart.

Guests can swim, dive, and participate in beach barbecues.

Esperance Beach

Esperance is an excellent family destination. This neighborhood has everything from housing to leisure activities. You can go surfing, and diving, or rent a canoe to watch the sunrise on the water. You will undoubtedly like observing the wild world here with dolphins, sea eagles,… and many other interesting species.

Victoria’s snowy river National Park

Victoria Snowy National Park is home to Little River Gorge, the state’s deepest, formed out of limestone and sandstone by the Snowy River. You may camp comfortably and ride horses throughout the area. Those who enjoy adventure will undoubtedly enjoy a visit to the rock alleys.

Explore classic trains in NSW and VIC

Many places in Australia have classic steam trains and trams. The Puffing Billy is Victoria’s final remaining 1800s small gauge steam train line. The train runs from Belgrave to Emerald Lakeside Parkhocwj Gem Brook three or four times per day. Stop by the Menzies Creek Steamboat Museum (open on weekends and public holidays).

The Whitsundays

This is a tropical paradise of 74 little islands that has remained undisturbed by human hands. Queensland is in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, allowing families and couples to experience the summer beaches as soon as possible over the Christmas vacation.

The Whitsundays are a must-visit as they are rated one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

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Do you wish to have a memorable Christmas in Australia? Pick up your backpack and go now.

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