Christmas atmosphere is approaching !!

So another Christmas season has come again, and the atmosphere is bustling everywhere, weaving in every corner of the streets, every breath of modern life.

Let’s join in the jubilant and warm full of Christmas atmosphere around the world with MyTravelThru.

What is the atmosphere of Christmas in the world?

New York

The Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony is one of the most popular yearly Christmas attractions in New York, USA, with over 750,000 people lining up at the end of November.

Rockefeller pine tree
Rockefeller pine tree

This year’s Christmas tree features 50,000 balls, lights, and 3 million crystal stars, according to Travel & Leisure.


The city of Vienna, Austria, is decorated for Christmas and bustling with people.


The Cologne Christmas market is always crowded, especially on weekends and evenings.


The Christmas market in the capital Prague, Czech Republic has been reopened after two years of the epidemic.


Under the Christmas lights, buses on Oxford Street, one of London’s main shopping avenues.


The Stroget neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark, also began to be decorated for the Christmas atmosphere.


People participate in the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Athens, Greece.


Tourists and locals visit the Christmas market in Budapest, Hungary.

How do you make Christmas atmosphere?

Candle & Lights

Dim the lights and place candles around the house, such as on stair rails, ceilings, walls, and doors, as well as on Christmas trees, to enhance the ambiance.

Candle & Lights
Candle & Lights

Christmas tree

A little Christmas tree constructed of cones, buttons, lace, yarn, or colored stickers would be a charming ornament. Decorate it with sparkles, beads, and ribbons, and it will give its conifer neighbors a run for their money.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Christmas trees can also be purchased ready-made from décor businesses.

Ginger biscuits

Gingerbread cookies are a fun and festive way to adorn your home for the impending holidays. Before you put it in the oven, create two little holes in each cookie with a straw.

Ginger biscuits
Ginger biscuits

After the cookies have been prepared and cooled, thread the ribbon through the holes to create an edible garland to hang in your home.

What have you prepared for the upcoming Christmas season? How do you get Christmas Vibes?

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