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Cat cafe in Los Angeles brings a unique feature in the way coffee experiences are compared to the familiar tradition. Cat coffee is a business model that combines drinks, food, and the opportunity to observe adorable cats. This is a great option for those who love animals, especially cats, but do not have time to keep them. Let’s explore the most popular cat cafes in Los Angeles.

Crumbs & Whiskers – One Of  The Best Cat Cafe In Los Angeles 

With a mission to save cats reduce mortality and improve the quality of life of homeless cats, Crumbs & Whiskers is one of the cat cafe in Los Angeles that has saved the lives of hundreds of cats, nurturing and caring for them in the wild. comfortable, safe school until they are adopted.

Crumbs & Whiskers
Crumbs & Whiskers

If you want to adopt cats from Crumbs & Whiskers, the process will go like this:

  • Fill out your application in the cafe or on the website
  • The rescue will contact you via email to schedule a phone interview in about 3-5 days.
  • The adoption coordinator will make sure that you and your cat are a perfect match.
  • On your pick-up day, bring the cat carrier into the cafe and finalize your adoption agreement.

The restaurant’s menu has a number of hot and iced lattes, snacks such as donuts, cookies, etc., and many choices for you. However, the menu is only available until 5 pm. Remember to come early.
When you come to the shop, you need to buy tickets in advance: children under 7 years old are not allowed in, and if younger than 12 years old, they must be accompanied by an adult. If you are traveling with 7 or more people, separate registration is required.

Cat Lounge – A Non-Profit Cat Cafe In Los Angeles

CatCafe Lounge is a non-profit cat cafe in Los Angeles that is always creating program meanings and making savings for life. At CatCafe Lounge, a few of our cats are available for adoption. Cat Lounge has saved the lives of dozens of kittens, mostly under 8 weeks. Cats after entering the Cat Lounge will be cared for, bottle-fed, and nurtured until a suitable adopter is found.

On the premises of the shop, you can enjoy a Cold Brew Coffee or Freshly Brewed Hibiscus Iced Tea at our on-site cafe, then head to our big cat lounge and Catio to cuddle with all the adult cats and kittens our child! The shop is open from 11 am to 8 pm.

Yay! If you are considering adopting a cat, the CatCafe Lounge is a good choice.
Adoption processing: 2 options
• Option 1: Schedule a visit to CatCafe Lounge for adopters who may still be apprehensive about adoption and want to spend more time and learn about cats.
Option 2: Visit the Stray Cat Alliance (SCA) adoption page and fill out their adoption application for those who are 100% ready.

Cat adopters in Cat lounge
Cat adopters in Cat lounge

The cat café – The First Cat Cafe In Los Angeles 

This is the first cat cafe in Los Angeles. Started in 2015, the cat cafe’s partner is The Rescue House, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless and stray cats. Cat cafe has all kinds of drinks from Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, and Hot tea, … and snacks such as Cakes, Cookies, Egg protein trays, Yogurt, sandwiches, etc.

Here, you can also adopt cats. From 2017 until now, The Cat Café has started to adopt cats of all ages, but mostly lost adult cats or homeless cats. Occasionally there are cats under 5 months old. You can adopt adult cats from The cat Café, there used to be a good home that adopted a 12-year-old cat from here.

Adopter in The Cat Cafe
Adopter in The Cat Cafe

If you also want an adopted child from The Cat Café. Go to the shop and find yourself a suitable cat, fill out the adoption form and the staff will get back to you afterward. You can come and adopt after working hours.

You should prepare carefully before bringing the cat home. When you receive the cat, The Cat Café will take a souvenir photo of you and the cat and save it in the exhibition area.

If you travel to Los Angeles, go to a cat cafe in Los Angeles to relax, play with cats here and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. It’s a good time for you.


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