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To be renowned for its rich history, Turkey is one of the best countries to travel to in 2023. MyTravelThru would like to recommend our dear readers to discover the country’s best city – Istanbul – a fast-paced cultural melting pot you can’t miss. If you are looking to book taxi from Istanbul airport to your hotel, let MyTravelThru help by giving you the best traveling options in the city.

How can I travel to the city center from Istanbul airport? Pros and cons of airport transfer services.

Most visitors will choose to move to the city center when flying into Istanbul, whether for a vacation or work. The airport is approximately 33 miles (54 kilometers) from the center of Istanbul. For such a long distance, booking transportation seems necessary. It’s also important to know that only a few transportation options are available and support travelers to get into the city quickly. Here below is the list of airport transfer options in Istanbul.

Shuttle bus

From Istanbul airport, a shuttle bus is considered one of the most popular options to get to the city center. The official airport shuttle bus service in Istanbul is HAVAIST and features nine lines. One-way prices range from 40 to 60 TL per person.

However, when taking a shuttle bus route to the city from the airport, you have to wait for other passengers who might appear a few hours later. This can result in lengthening your travel time.

Metro – The Most Common Public Transportation Option

Nowadays, public transport is everywhere. In Istanbul, the metro line is already available to use to everyone. The airport is now connected to the city by the new metro line M11 Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport. If you need to reach your final destination, public transport is not a good option because the metro will drop passengers at their closest station. Then you have to take a taxi or private car to get to your hotel or the desired destination.

public transportation
Metro in Istanbul

Taxi – How To Book Taxi From Istanbul Airport

Taxis should take around 50 minutes to reach the city center by taxi from the airport. Traveling by taxi is also a great way to get to whatever location you want from Istanbul airport. When you book a taxi in Istanbul, you can ensure your belongings and luggage will be stored in the car you’re riding in.

Moreover, as it might be harder to find a public vehicle that functions 24/7, it explains why taxis are more than an ideal option. With approximately 10,000 taxis in Istanbul, it becomes easier for anyone to take one along the streets. 

It’s noticeable when taxis are now widespread and used mainly by the native in the city (over 20 million in population). In some specific cases, you might not be able to take one for yourself and your companions. In this case, if you still need a private vehicle, a personal transfer service can help.

how to book taxi from istanbul airport
Taxi in Istanbul

The cost of a taxi ride depends on your destination. Before you get to know how to book taxi from Istanbul airport, there are many different types of taxis in Istanbul that you have to distinguish among.

  • Orange or yellow “C” taxis – cheap taxi from Istanbul airport: the cheapest option. They are typically affordable vehicles, such as a Renault Clio, suitable for a group of up to 4 passengers. One con is that these cars have limited space containing luggage and belongings.
  • Blue or turquoise “D” taxis: the more significant in size and price. These cars bring more comfortable than type “C” ones. The “D” taxis are more expensive, roughly 15% than the rate of “C” ones.
  • Black “E” taxis: they are considered the most expensive option with the best care in service. Black “E” ones are typically luxury cars such as Mercedes vehicles or limousines. And undoubtedly, the fee will charge twice the fare of an orange or yellow “C” taxi.

Private transportation

Taking private cars gives you moments to wholly enjoy your atmosphere and space on your own or with your companions during the travel time to the city from the airport. The drivers will also take care of passengers and help to carry luggage as required.

Benefits when booking a private cars in Istanbul to travel:

  • The quicker way to get to your destination
  • Customize experience
  • In a car, a person does not have to worry about the dust, noise, and fumes present on the road, while in public transportation, it is not always possible to avoid those.
  • The private car is a convenient mode of transportation. Having more comfortable seats, ventilation, or other novel technologies help people to feel better than using other methods, like a bicycle or a public bus.
  • Users have more secure privacy compared to using public transportation.
  • People can have absolute freedom to decide the schedule and roads to reach their destination.

The officials of Istanbul have still conducted extending the national railway network to connect more destinations in the city. That’s why for now, private rides can be one of the best choices.

private cars
Private cars in Istanbul

Private Cars Service by MyTravelThru

We – MyTravelThru provides Private Cars Service that:

  • We will pick you up at your selected collection point in the exact vehicle you have chosen. Only you and your traveling companions will have access to the vehicle and driver. After a long journey, our Private Transfer Service will take all the stress out of getting to your destination.
  • You will be able to relax and unwind in privacy as you are driven by one of our professional drivers. The drivers would take good care of you and give the passengers feel at home.
  • We operate around the clock, so whenever you need us, we will be waiting. If you desire a meet and greet service at the airport, train station, bus station, or ferry port, our driver will be waiting with a name board in the arrivals hall, free of charge.
  • MyTravelThru now offers a wide range of Airport Transfer Services in Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Oceania, and Latin America, including all major hotels & resorts.
  • We tailor the best and most suitable services to meet your needs.
private cars
MyTravelThru – Private Cars Service

Now you can easily check the price with several car options then freely choose a suitable one.

Visit our website at for the best transfer experience. For more information about us and our services, we actively participate in social work as Facebook.

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