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The best fast food place for vegetarians – Let’s find out with MyTravelThru!

What is Vegan Day?

Happy World Vegan day! Do you know anything about this day? World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world on November 1. International Day of Vegetarianism has only been since 1994 and was initiated by Ms. Louise Wallis.

International Vegetarian Day is meaningful not only to the vegetarian community but also to the modern world. Not only in matters of religion and health, but vegetarianism is also a way that people contribute to preserving the beauty of the “green planet”, towards a better future.

On the International Day of Vegetarianism, significant countries around the world will organize fairs or festivals with the participation of many vegetarians. During the festival, stalls selling vegetarian dishes will be set up by individuals or famous vegetarian restaurants, these stalls are not only to sell vegetarian food but also a way to popularize the food. Vegetarianism as well as the benefits of being vegetarian to participants, especially those who are following a salty diet.

Which is the best fast food place for vegetarians

You are a vegetarian but you are traveling. Are you looking for the best fast food places for vegetarians? Let’s explore with Mytravelthru.

KFC – The best vegan destination 

KFC has a plant-based option! On January 10, 2022, the option was officially added to menus nationwide. Made using pea protein and flavored with KFC’s signature. It’s hard to recognize a vegetarian cone from the first bite. All ingredients used are vegan. It’s important not to share equipment (like fryers) for chicken with non-vegan items. It’s the best fast food place for vegetarians in the world.

A plant-based option of KFC
A plant-based option of KFC

Subway – The best fast food place for vegetarians

Subway is a vegan destination that can offer you a meal under 400 calories. Food can be piled high with vegetables, cheese, and sauce all on the bread. They also offer salads for a carb-less way to eat.

Some Subway offers a vegetarian patty as a protein source. However, the majority of Subway restaurants around the world don’t have this yet.

The vegan fast food in Subway
The vegan fast food in Subway

Burger King

Burger King has got vegetarian breakfasts down packed, offering a vegetarian-friendly breakfast menu that delivers on both sweet and savory such as French toast sticks, egg and cheese croissant sandwiches, and pancakes,…The variety in the breakfast menu will impress any vegetarian.

Vegan hamburger of Burger King
Vegan hamburger of Burger King


A&W is a fast-food restaurant chain, recently they opted out of the veggie patty. If you’ve never had a Beyond Meat burger, it’s so similar to actual beef. It’s completely plant-based. For any vegetarians, A&W is the perfect choice for you.

The vegan fast food in A&W
The vegan fast food in A&W


McDonald’s will introduce a plant-based version of its orange chicken on July 26th. Now, it’s set to be available in locations in New York and Los Angeles. You can enjoy a plant-based meal with Eggplant Tofu and Green Mixed Vegetables.

The vegan fast food in McDonald's
The vegan fast food in McDonald’s

Carl’s Jr

Carl’s Jr. offers two styles of Beyond Meat patty. It is a cheeseburger with classic toppings like lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Carl’s Jr. has an alternative – fried zucchini. They have stuffed between the bun. The fried zucchini can be bought for a perfect mid-day snack.

The vegan fast food in Carl’s Jr
The vegan fast food in Carl’s Jr

On International Vegetarian Day, do you have a place to enjoy authentic and unique vegetarian dishes? Hope the sharing of MyTravelThru can help you have the best fast food place for vegetarians.


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