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Istanbul, Turkey is stunning, though it has only recently become a must-see destination. This legendary land will definitely welcome you with great experiences, with the unique features of a long, diverse history and the dynamic lifestyle of an economic center. Prepare to be immersed in Istanbul’s thousand-year history as it wraps around you the moment you arrive in the city.

Mysterious architectural works – Amazing Istanbul 

Amazing Istanbul
Amazing Istanbul

Sultan Ahmed Square should be the first place you visit in Amazing Istanbul because from here, you can easily walk to many ancient monuments such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, and Topkapi Palace.

Amazing Istanbul
Amazing Istanbul

If you love religious architecture, take some time to visit the Hagia Sophia, which is a museum that no one can ignore when visiting Istanbul. Despite it being currently under renovation and many of the rooms being closed, this architectural masterpiece still impresses you, regardless of the views or camera angles. Besides the Hagia Sophia, let’s continue to explore the Blue Mosque, which is nothing short of magnificent.

Amazing Istanbul
Amazing Istanbul

One more destination that you will be really eager to see is Dolmabahce Palace, which has more of a modern architectural feel and reveals to travelers a historic corner of magical Istanbul. It has nearly 300 rooms, including a ceremonial room and a royal living room that is exquisitely decorated with 14 tons of gold, 40 tons of silver, and 4,500m2 of handwoven carpets. A walk on the incredible crystal staircase will take your breath away.

  1. Shopping in Istanbul

Coming to Istanbul, whether it’s a long trip or just a quick visit, the Grand Bazaar should definitely be on your list. This area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the world’s largest covered market. With more than 4,000 vendors selling various items, the Grand Bazaar will make you ecstatic with local food, jewelry, carpets, or souvenirs.

Shopping in Istanbul
Shopping in Istanbul

If you want to take in a more modern Istanbul, Taksim square and the shopping streets are an ideal destination with their fashion boutiques, international cosmetics stores, tea shops, cafes, and bakeries.
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Visa: Turkey is not in the EU; most tourists must apply for a Turkish visa.

Time: The most ideal time to visit Istanbul is between April and August.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels and other kinds of accommodations in Istanbul for tourists to choose from

Cuisine: Make sure to try Simit (circular bread), Kahvalti (classic Turkish breakfast), Dolma and Sarma (stuffed dishes), Manti (traditional Turkish dumplings), Maras Dondurma (mastic ice cream), Pide (Turkish pizza), Hamsi, Raki (anise-flavored liquor), and fish sandwiches.

Transportation: Tourists can travel anywhere by bus or taxi. Don’t forget to book us to make your travel easier and stress-free.

Attire: You should wear reserved clothing. Female travelers should carry a scarf to protect themselves from the sun and a pashmina when visiting mosques.

Other notes:
• Spend some time on a cruise on the Bosphorus to see both the shores of Asia and Europe in Istanbul.
• Some great souvenirs in Istanbul include colorful and flavorful Turkish delight, cashmere scarves, tea/coffee pots and makers, black tea, Turkish coffee, fruit tea, lamps mosaics, and carpets,…
• The goods in the Grand Bazaar are not all the same; you won’t be able to find these items in other stores. So if you find any eye-catching item and use the “don’t care” tactic, be patient in the bargain fight” to get it at a reasonable price.
• Please take care of your personal belongings to make sure nothing gets stolen.
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