All things you should remember when moving to Hanoi

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People often say a sentence like this in Hanoi: “Hanoi can’t be in a hurry!” It’s not a joke. The culture and pace of this city don’t allow you to rush. Typically, it is an impossible wish if you want to drive fast in the city center at rush hour.

pexels anh tuan 10901980 scaled
A view of Hanoi streets at night – Source: Pexels

Traffic in Hanoi has long been famous for traffic jams. Recently, the situation has been better because the state has stepped up to upgrade transport infrastructure. However, it is best to prepare the skills and knowledge to deal with all possible situations. In today’s article, MyTravelThru will show you some exciting tips for a more fulfilling trip.

All about some ways to get around when visiting Hanoi

  • Rent Motorcycles

It is not difficult to rent a motorbike while in Hanoi. You can rent for as long as you want. The rental price is from 6 – 15 USD a day. But choose a motorbike that is good enough for your journey and must save the phone number of the lessor from contact in case of trouble. Or better yet, you know a little about motor repair.

Nguoi nuoc ngoai bi dau doc boi van hoa giao thong viet nam nhu the nao 15 1
A foreigner traveling in Vietnam – Source: Collection

Another thing to keep in mind is always to wear a helmet, carry identification, obey traffic laws and flexibly deal with the actual situation during travel.

  • Rent a car

Renting a car is a good solution for your journey in and out of the city. However, the price of this service is relatively high, about 30 dollars or more. But in return, you have the comfort of being in a car, and extremely convenient when traveling with many people.

  • Motorbike taxis

There are two popular motorbike taxis in Vietnam that you can easily find.

The first type is the free motorbike taxi. Those are the drivers appear in many corners of the city. The limitation of this type is that their motorcycle does not have a meter. You may be over the price, and the driver is also limited in foreign languages. So if you choose this type of move, you should write the address on paper and give it to them. Especially should bargain the price before going.

The second type that many Vietnamese people use recently is a technology motorbike taxi. You can book on phone app such as Grab, Be. You shouldn’t worry about communicating about the destination because you have clearly defined it since booking. 

272305931 1092541168257131 2699568042277128279 n
Technology motorbike taxi service is popular in Hanoi – Source: Be Vietnam

The price for the trip is also displayed right on the app, so you don’t need to haggle. This type is usually cheaper than motorbike taxis and taxis. The reputation is also higher due to having a very organized operating system. However, you will have to wait for 5-10 minutes for the driver to move to the pickup location. That is not a big deal.

  • Taxi

Like motorbike taxis, taxis in Hanoi also have two similar types: accessible taxis and technology taxis. But most of the free taxis in Hanoi charge by the meter. The price is about 12 thousand/km. And the cab on the application will immediately show the amount when you go to the app to book a car.

  • Bus

It is the cheapest option when moving to Hanoi.

Seven thousand VND – 15 thousand VND for a journey you want to stop at any station (Of course, these stops must be on the route). The number on the bus will correspond separately.

pexels anh tuan 10822379
Public bus in Hanoi – Source: Pexels

But the disadvantage of this type is that you have to move to the bus station to pick up the car. Sometimes you will not have a seat because it is too crowded and the bus only stops at a fixed number of points. Remember to keep your tickets on hand for the whole trip as bus company inspectors can show up.

img20180530082659 15276540755581728905574
Dedicated double-decker bus for visitors

In Hanoi, you can also experience double-decker buses, a specialized vehicle for tourists. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the capital from above right on the car and go through 30 landmarks. The ticket price for this service is from 9 USD to 30 USD

  • Cyclo

A cyclo is a three-wheeled vehicle with two seats in the front and a man pedaling in the back. It is an exciting choice “in Hanoi” when visiting the Old Quarter.

66577426 1658496634281669 2281956046085816320 n
Take a cyclo to visit the old town

But when riding a cyclo, you have to bargain first. And it’s just the right choice when moving around the old town, but you can’t go around the city because it moves pretty slowly and is difficult if there is a traffic jam.

Besides, Hanoi currently restricts cyclo, and the government is also considering banning this vehicle.

  • Hanoi Elevated Railway

Opening in November 2021, Skyline is a new type of transportation for Vietnamese people. Still, at present, mainly because it is not popular, this type is primarily for sightseeing and taking photos. You can buy tickets at the counter or at the ticket vending machine. If you’ve ever lived in a country with a train, you can easily do these operations. With only a relatively low price, you can move to the inner city and admire the city from a high point of view. 

pexels minh duc trinh 10764455
Skyline in Hanoi – Minh Duc Trinh

But because of the new construction, the overhead tram is inevitably limited. The frequency of trips is low, the parking space at some stations is not convenient, etc. But this is a transportation option worth considering when coming to Hanoi.

 Notes when moving to Hanoi:

  • Please bring identification documents such as citizen identification, driver’s license, passport, etc. To perform check-in at hotels, rent a car, or when security forces suddenly check you while you are on the road.
  • Even if the street is busy, be flexible with traffic laws
  • Although the security in Hanoi seems to be better than in Saigon, be careful to lock your car and protect your personal property
  • Be prepared with plenty of time if traveling during rush hour
pexels fox 1517202
Famous shark jaw site in Hanoi

Maybe after reading a few articles about Hanoi traffic, you will have some worries. However, let’s relax and naturally, calmly blend into the crowded flow of people flowing through the street. You will realize that everything is not as difficult as you think. Hanoi is a capital with an impressive cultural background. That’s more important than traffic. If you want to eliminate all worries when moving here with the most convenient move, contact us. Of course, this article is not purely advertising, but we deserve a good choice because:

  • We are present in over 160 countries
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