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The Dominican Republic is a country on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago between the Caribbean and the North Atlantic Ocean. It borders Haiti to the east and consists mainly of craggy mountains with fertile valleys. The system of government is a democratic republic; The head of state and head of government is the president. The Dominican Republic has a mixed economic system that includes many private liberties, centralized financial planning, and government regulation.

The Dominican Republic was first explored and colonized by Christopher Columbus in 1492. He named it “La Hispaniola.” Diego, his son, was its first governor.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Dominica’s tropical climate, scenic beauty, and diverse mix draw visitors from all over the world.

Santo Domingo National Palace

Best time to visit Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a tropical marine climate with slight seasonal temperature variation with warm sunny conditions most of the year.

That’s more than 300 sunny days. The average year-round temperature is 77 degrees. The rainy season lasts from late spring to early autumn, with the area rarely affected by storms. However, thunderstorms are possible between June and October.

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The best time to visit Dominica is December through April, which are the driest and sunniest days but come in April and May to beat the crowds. The hurricane season lasts from June to November, although the peak months are September and October…

Is it dangerous?

There have been reports of armed robberies; you should not travel with valuables. Besides, Using mosquito repellent is essential. This country confirmed many cases of chikungunya virus and dengue fever. So, please read the Foreign Office’s travel advice to stay up to date with the latest information.

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Is it easy to get around?

Public transport is pretty good throughout the country. An air-conditioned coach can make long trips, with services running to Punta Cana, Samana, La Romana, and Puerto Plata. The best companies are Expreso Bavaro, Caribe Tours, and Metro Tours. For shorter distances, try the local bus. In the cities of Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata, Ubers are available.

Currency: US Dollar / Dominican Peso

Capital city: Santo Domingo

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Destinations in Dominican Republic

Cap Cana and Scape Park

Scape Park in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic. Oceans, beaches, cliffs, and rainforests combine to make us a great natural asset. Cap Cana’s extent and natural resources make it possible for Scape Park to offer all kinds of attractions for all tastes. So there’s no need to look for anything other than Cap Cana.

Jarabacoa and Constanza

Constanza is a town that is constantly charming and dangerous for those looking for an adventure. Constance is the coldest city in the Dominican Republic and the entire Caribbean. During the month, the month and the temperature can be up to -5 degrees.

Pictures of Constanza, Jarabacoa and Dominican mountains

Jarabacoa, nestled in the mountains, is called the City of Eternal Spring in the Dominican Republic. Pleasant temperatures, the longest rivers in the Caribbean, waterfalls, and the proximity of the highest mountains of the Antilles, including the 3,087-meter Pico Duarte, make Jarabacoa a unique point in Selling Requests.

With a population of 40,000 people, the municipality of Jarabacoa offers all possibilities to enjoy the unseen part of the Dominican Republic with its flora and lush gardens, full of color, dramatic landscape, and quality. Of people dedicated to producing the best flowers, vegetables, fruits, and coffee. And don’t forget that Jarabacoa also offers text; Painters, and works of art, are shown at the village church.


Its overlapping mountains and shutters are created into lovingly connected rivers that empty into the Atlantic Ocean. About 2,500 humpback whales visit Samaná Bay annually. The mammals return to DR’s special to deliver, give birth, and bask in the dazzling scenery.

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In addition to seasonal whale-watching cruises in Samaná’s beautiful bay, there are far more ecotourism adventures to choose from. It was the first in Las Terrenas; trekking, biking, and caving in Los Haitises National Park; canyoning or horseback riding to cross El Limón; and head to beautiful white sand beaches at the foot of a 90-meter (300-foot) cliff.

El Limón Waterfall

Nestled in an astonishingly raw landscape, surrounded by lush, tree-covered peaks, is the 52m-high El Limón waterfall. A beautiful dug hole at the bottom can be a fulfilling place to wash away the sweat from the trip here, although it’s often too deep and cold for a dip. The starting point is the small town of El Limón, just half an hour from Las Terrenas.

El Limon (Dominican Republic) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

Saona Island

Look the second n the natural beauty and inspiration of the most critical protected biosphere in the Dominican Republic with a tour of Saona Island at its best. Travel by speedboat and catamaran along Bayahibe’s southeast coast for an extra simple trip to one of the top white sand beaches in the world.

You can participate in exciting activities such as volleyball, swimming in the natural pool, dancing to tropical music, or relaxing in the lounge. A Dominican lunch buffet and plenty of refreshing drinks from the open bar are the perfect additions to making this an unforgettable Caribbean cruise.

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