A COVID-19 Update

At MyTravelThru, we hope that you are staying safe during these difficult times. We would like you to let you know what we are doing to ensure that our supply chain and passengers stay safe.

We’re here to help

Your health and safety are important to us. If you think the coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your plans, please read below to read more important info on the coronavirus.

Government travel restrictions and advisories

Please check for travel restrictions before making a reservation and traveling to a destination as tourist travel might not be allowed. We have put together a list of resources to help you on your way, below you’ll find publicly available links to government websites for several countries around the world, please note that not all countries are covered below. If you do not see a country it only means that we could not find a public source but does not mean it hasn’t set any travel restrictions. We recommend searching for info on any country you’re planning to visit. We are not responsible for the content of the public (government) websites links below. Government responses continue to change, so check back for updates often and count on your national and local authorities for the most current information.


In light of the recent events, we have made some modifications to our passenger experience. We have implemented the recommendations indicated by the WHO which is to wash our hands frequently, maintain social distancing by keeping a safer distance and the use of hand sanitizer in vehicles (if available) for passengers. passengers also must sit in the back seat to provide a safer distance for both passengers and chauffeurs.

We also discourage anyone with any symptoms or who have tested positive not to travel and therefore not to make any reservations thru europeShuttle.com website unless you have a medical reason or permit to travel.

What happens if a driver or MyTravelThru employee is directly affected or tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Safety of our passengers, chauffeurs, and employees is our top priority. We require any employee or chauffeur who tests positive to inform MyTravelThru immediately. Once informed, we will notify those who were in contact with the affected person for the previous two weeks. Any chauffeur who tests positive for coronavirus may not perform MyTravelThru rides until receiving a doctor’s permission.

You can still make reservations thru MyTravelThru.com

We are still allowing reservations globally but please keep in mind that as the situation changes daily, there might be local restrictions at your destination, so we encourage you to check the destination country and local restrictions. If any of this prevents us from performing a service, we will notify our passengers and modify or cancel rides without penalty. We comply with local rules and will take the necessary actions to protect public health and the wellbeing of passengers and chauffeurs.

What is the cancellation policy? (for non-city to city bookings, just normal bookings)

At MyTravelThru our cancellation policy still applies, you’ll be able to cancel free of charge up to 24hrs in advance. For any last-minute cancellations, please contact us as soon as possible so we can take care off the situation.

MyTravelThru offers city-to-city transportation

MyTravelThru will offer transfers from one city to another, you can make reservations at our website whenever you need us, however, this service is currently unavailable in certain Asian cities where strict lockdown is applied such as Ho Chi Minh City, Bali, Bangkok, etc., 

Hourly reservations

Passengers can still take hourly rides in all cities, in all vehicle classes. Hourly rides give passengers a safe, private space with only one chauffeur for two or more hours.

If I still have questions, who should I contact?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out via our chat link or at any of the numbers in our Contact Us page.

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