MALDIVES – Heaven can disappear

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“From the smallest island nation in Asia, the Maldives has become one of the world’s best resort paradises. This place is famous for its long white-sand beaches, and brilliant coral reefs are hidden under the turquoise sea.”

Heaven for traveller 

The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia and one of the ten smallest countries in the world, with nearly 1,200 large and small coral islands forming in the south of India. Insides, about 200 islands are inhabited by locals.

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Despite being the smallest country in Asia, the Maldives has been known worldwide as a tourist paradise. Where welcomes 1.7 million visitors yearly. Thanks to tourism development, the Maldives has had a miraculous transformation. From an isolated island nation with the economically underdeveloped to one of the 26 sea paradises that attract the most tourists in the world. Tourism income accounts for more than 30% of the Maldives’ gross domestic product (GDP).

The Maldives has more than 1,000 islands; the travel here is also notable. After entering the capital Malé, visitors will move to the island to start their vacation. Public ferries, speedboats and seaplanes are the primary means of transport.

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Ferry costs are the cheapest; nevertheless, it can’t reach private islands and resorts. The more popular means of transport is the high-speed train. Spas use ships to shuttle guests. Boat prices are regulated by the resort, depending on the luxury and distance travelled. Finally, there is a seaplane, a high-class means of transporting guests. Compared to a ferry or speedboat, a seaplane gives you the most engaging experience, with the true meaning of “flying in heaven.”Each flight can carry 10-15 people; the fare is about 450-600 USD depending on the distance.

Unique experiences in the Maldives.

One of the most unique experiences in the Maldives is swimming with sharks and sea turtles. Not all resorts provide this service; visitors must book a tour. Sharks in the Maldives are raised and trained so you can swim with them freely. Each species will be in a separate area and usually appear at feeding time.

In addition to sharks and sea turtles, you can also buy dolphin watching tours. They often swim in large flocks and naturally acrobatics on the water without being afraid of the presence of tourists.

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Scuba diving is an indispensable activity when coming to the Maldives; most of the islands have their own private beaches. The beach here is famous for its white sand, blue and clean sea. In multiplication, some high-end resorts will transport guests to extensive coral reefs for visitors to scuba dive and explore the undersea ecosystem.

Following is fishing to watch the sunset. This service is quite popular in residential islands. Visitors can buy tickets and board the ship with the locals to go out to watch the sunset on the sea. Then, sit back to fish in the evening and enjoy seafood dishes prepared on the spot.

A romantic dinner with candles and wine on the beach of Maldives will be a memorable experience for the couple. In extra, visitors can also book a table at Hurwalhi or Conrad’s house to enjoy dinner in the ocean while eating while watching the schools of fish swimming.

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An experience for the rich is flying a seaplane to see the Maldives from above. Some luxury resorts will transfer visitors by seaplane; each flight segment’s cost is calculated separately.

If you are passionate about exploring, you can also buy a tour to visit the local islands. In spare, visitors should try other engaging experiences when coming to the Maldives: sailing, surfing, taking a Whale submarine, participating in water sports…

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Take notes when coming to the Maldives.

Most goods and services in the Maldives are subject to an additional 10% service charge, 12% tax and a $6 environmental fee per person. You should ask the hotel if this tax has been included in the bill.

In the capital and the islands inhabited mainly by Indian food, you should prepare some dry food to change the taste. Pork, alcoholic beverages and depraved cultural products are also prohibited here.

During the peak tourist season, visitors should book a room one to two months in advance. If you want to save money, you can go in the off-season; all services are discounted by 30-50%.

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Resorts only pick up guests before 16:00; after that time, you will have to stay overnight in the capital. Each person will have 25 kg of checked baggage. If excess will be charged extra.

The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi; however, English is also widely used.

Heaven can disappear

“Come to the Maldives before it’s too late” – that saying is not just an invitation but also a warning. Sea level rise is threatening up to one in ten of the world’s population living in lowlands, including the Maldives. According to the Guinness World Records website, 80% of the island nation is just 2 meters above sea level. With the current climate change and sea-level rise, the Maldives may disappear by 2050.

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This is not an empty “threat.” In 2004, the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean hit the Maldives hard. Twenty islands of the Maldives have sunk into the sea or disappeared, prompting people to redraw the map of this island nation.

At that time, the Maldives government even came up with an idea: Migrate the entire population of the island nation to another place. However, Where to send nearly 400,000 people to this island nation is difficult to answer. However, this idea also makes the world look more seriously at environmental issues.

Today, the construction of artificial islands that work against rising sea levels is still being rushed in the Maldives.


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