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Explore Rio de Janeiro is a point of pride for Brazil. As such, its natural marvels, world-class tourist attractions, vibrant nightlight, and beaches are obvious choices for you. Here, take a hike throughout the city where you will spend most of your time on your amazing trip to Brazil.

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Relax from the Beaches of Ipanema to the Hills of Santa Teresa – Explore Rio de Janeiro

One thing that’s guaranteed anywhere you choose to stay here: is Rio’s captivating views. On top of it, the beach neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon are unmissable things for those who want to take full advantage of the beach. Besides, Botafogo is next to there, full of hip bars and restaurants, and the perfect pick for staying close to nightlife.

And if you’re looking for a more bohemian experience, the artsy enclave of Santa Teresa will be your best bet. It is a tranquil retreat on the hills of the city center. Your Explore Rio de Janeiro ride up the winding cobblestone streets will be bumpy, but once you arrive, the views will be worth it.

Explore Rio de Janeiro
Explore Rio de Janeiro

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“Sleepless” legend

What to do in Rio de Janeiro after nightfall?  Dance, of course. As soon as dusk falls, the dance halls are always packed with locals. Plus, the parties go on all night and samba bands also play until the morning hours. It’s always a party in Rio, but the wildest one of all is Carnival, the city’s annual celebration of colorful costumes and extravagance. This carnival will arrive every February and lasts for four days.

Explore Rio de Janeiro
Explore Rio de Janeiro



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Weather: Most tourists come to Rio de Janeiro due to plenty of sunlight, it feels like summer almost every day. However, others believe that Brazil is a tropical spot as they will get cold when visiting some places in Brazil.

Cuisine: Food in Rio is relatively easy to eat for most tourists. Come to Cadeg Market for bacalhau and eat Amazonian freshwater fish and an apple tart with tonic beans and soursop compote. Try Portuguese barbecue and sample Brazilian Comfort Food. And don’t forget to hit the juice bar because Brazil is famous for it – where exotic fruits like sugar apples, cashew fruits, and acerola are blended together.

Transportation: Tourists can easily travel anywhere by bus or taxi. MyTravelThru – Global Transfer Service is the best choice for your unforgettable trip. 

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