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Paradises on Earth of Malaysian

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Malaysia – the Southeast Asian country has a fantastic diversity of landscapes, cultures, and cuisines. Chinese towers, towers, and temples in cities share the same skyline as space skyscrapers. Outside the urban bustle are rainforests, mountains, and radiant beaches. Traditional arts, crafts, and recipes persist – even as cities dive into the latest architectural and culinary trends- from peninsular Malaysia to the island of Borneo.

Though known for its rainforests, orangutans, and vibrant cities, Malaysia is also home to some of the most stunning beaches in Asia. So whether you’re looking for a private corner on tranquil shores or palm-fringed beaches with plenty to see and do, Malaysia won’t disappoint.

Beyond that, Malaysia has no shortage of options to suit every pocket and taste: tranquil tropical islands, secret coves, and golden shores on the mainland. While Thailand’s neighboring beaches are more commercialized, Malaysia has retained much of its raw charm. As a result, you’ll find plenty of resorts, water sports, and adventures to pursue here. Still, there are also more opportunities to laze around on the beach with much smaller crowds.

If you’re fantasizing about turquoise waters and soft golden sands, check out our list of the top beaches in Malaysia.

The impressive marine ecosystem at Redang Island

Located in Terengganu Marine Park, off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, this blip offers everything you can imagine in a tropical paradise: white sand beaches and jungles. There is plenty of wildlife, and the coral reefs thrive with fish species.

Redang is a paradise for both divers and non-divers. Diving is still the top activity here, but snorkeling offers a unique underwater experience without diving too deep or costing too much.

You can snorkel around Redang to see the island’s fascinating marine life, and there are plenty of opportunities to see turtles, which is why the island is well-known.

Snorkeling to see beautiful corals at Lankayan Island in Sabah

Lankayan Island is a small island in the state of Sabah in eastern Malaysia. This place is famous for its superb diving. There are also many small creatures to find on the sandy bottom. 

The main attraction of Lankayan Island may be the frequent sightings of majestic (and harmless) whale sharks from April to May. Spotted sea turtles are also popular here as the island is located in the Planetary Islands. Langur Sea Turtles, the migration route of these awe-inspiring animals every year.

Pristine Penarik Beach – Terengganu

Unaffected by massive development, this place gives visitors a sense of serenity and breathtaking beauty. The beach stretches for miles. It was dotted with hundreds of swaying coconut trees and rustic fishing kampungs slumbering. You can see the Bidong and Redang Islands, a short boat ride from Merang Pier.

Juara Beach – Southeast Asian paradise.

Juara Beach is a natural paradise! The beach is surrounded by dense green forest on the pure white sand, the clear water of the beach. All depict the beach’s calm identity and create a unique feature compared to other beaches. Other of Tioman Island. 

The available attributes of this beach are a wonderful time spent with romantic nature to spend our leisure time in an environment filled with tranquility and peace.

Juara Beach is loved by beginner and seasoned surfers on the island’s east coast, thanks to its different breakwaters. True beginners can also take surfing lessons here. 

The best time to surf in Tioman is from November to March; a surfing competition in January attracts surfers worldwide.

Rawa Island in Johor is an excellent place for family vacations.

About 30 minutes by boat from the port town of Mersing in southeastern Malaysia and the archipelago of Sultan Iskandar Marine Park. Summer sunshine, the romantic stretch of white sand beach, clear blue sea, schools of colorful tropical fishes, baby sharks, sea urchins, and small stingrays swimming happily around the coral reefs.

Younger guests will probably enjoy the water slides by the beach best, but try to encourage them to take a light hike along the property. Panoramic views from The top of the mountain also satisfy you equally.

Indulge in an even happier holiday with a friendly game of volleyball, kayaking, swimming, or lounging in a hammock. Lucky guests may even receive a surprise visit by friendly peacocks roaming freely around the island.

Mataking Island – the most romantic island in Malaysia

With hundreds of well-preserved islands with silky soft sands and pristine waters, Sabah is a world-renowned beach getaway for a good reason.

With sparkling white sands, mesmerizing azure waters, and top-notch resorts, Mataking Island is the ideal getaway for diving enthusiasts and non-divers alike. Divers can gear up and explore the Eel Garden, Coral Garden, Sea Cucumber Garden, Turtle Playground, Lobster Cave, and Hump Head Point.

Making consists of two islands: Mataking Besar and the smaller Mataking Kecil, connected through a narrow sandbar at low tide. Diving and snorkeling are favorite activities on the island due to the stunning water views and the thriving coral reefs.

Non-diving activities include a luxurious relaxation experience at Jamu Spa, batik painting, kayaking, and canoeing. The island also has a lush rainforest for light trekking – and a spa to pamper yourself afterward. 

Cenang beach on Langkawi and sleepless nights.

Langkawi has all the elements that make the best beaches – facilities, nearby accommodations, and restaurants. Cenang Beach is one of the most popular attractions in the Jewel of Kedah. During the day, the beach is filled with people who enjoy sunbathing and enjoying water sports, from jet skis to paragliding. But as the sun slowly sets, outdoor bars like Kalut Beach Bar & Café greet the night owls with signature cocktails, live music, and fire shows.

The island is also equipped with showers and changing rooms, Muslim prayer rooms, tents, and lockers, ensuring all visits are stress-free.

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