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1. Log in 

The driver will be given log-in details, including:

  • User name (email address) 
  • Password
  • App Link: Android or iOS

2. New offers

  • When a booking is assigned, the driver will receive the booking notifications via email and app notification. He or she can then accept or reject the booking.
  • If a booking is rejected, the dispatcher will get a notification to assign it to a new driver.

3. Planned trips

  • Once a booking is accepted, it will be moved to the Planned tab from the Offer tab. Here, the driver can access more information, such as guest name, phone number, special request, flight details, etc., to prepare for the upcoming trip.
  • 2 hours before the departure/pick-up time, the driver will receive a reminder via both app and email.

4. Driver Events

Driver must update driver events as he goes.

  • I am heading to pickup address
  • I arrived at the pickup address
  • Passenger on board
  • Passenger no-show
  • I dropped the passenger

5. Trip updates from clients or passengers

Once a passenger or a client, such as send an update request, it will automatically send the notification directly to the driver and he or she can accept/reject the update.

 6. Passenger’s point of view

When the driver is assigned and accepts the booking, driver’s information will be sent to the customer via email.

 7. Finishing the trip

  • Once the driver update the trip to “I dropped the guest” or “Passenger no show”, the trip is considered completed.
  • Each driver event happens, the driver’s coordinate will be sent to Taxi system via an API call.

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