12 BEST Places to Visit in Da Lat in 2021: What to do when you visit

With so many worthwhile attractions to visit, deciding on the best things to do in “the City of A Thousand Flowers” can be a bewildering task. This city is big – and so stuffed with a host of incredible experiences that you’ll never run out of things to do – so expect to ramble around the city to take everything it has to offer, from the vibrant streets filled with colorful wildflowers to super-hip lakes or historic palaces. This list should help you decide where to go and get the most from your getaway.

Xuan Huong Lake & Lam Vien Square

As you can probably tell from the name, Xuan Huong Lake is an outstanding natural beauty and peace that you’ll love. Once you’re here, make sure to head up the Lam Vien Square where you can take a drink and get some incredible vistas over the Xuan Huong Lake.



Valley of Love

You’re never too old for the Valley of Love! This picturesque valley is overflowing with verdant hills and tranquil lakes, which feature romance and peace. After taking photos inside the giant carved-out hearts and flowers surrounding the area, you can embark in a swan-shaped paddle boat in the secluded lake or explore the green hills and gorgeous pine forests. Of course, there are dozens of buggy cars if you would prefer not to walk.



Langbiang Trail

Langbiang Trail features majestic landscapes at every turn, from breezy highlands to dramatic scenery. Here, you can hike along the unparalleled beauty of this trail and cool off the vibrant landscape from above. For those who’d rather admire their surroundings without walking, a scenic drive using a Zeep car can’t be missed.



Da Lat Night Market

Usually found on everyone’s top list, Da Lat Night Market is home to a veritable selection of clothing boutiques and street vendors. Here you can find everything about Da Lat along with embarking in a street food tour that will surely pamper your taste buds. On top of this, there are multiple impressive street performances such as acoustic shows, hip-hop dances or roller skating groups. All of these attractions will beckon you return again and again.



Cloud-covered Thien Phuc Duc Hills

As a dawn lover, if you’re looking for a joyous experience, a journey reaching to the Thien Phuc Duc Hills is essential. This is an ideal spot where travelers can chase the endlessly cloudy sky and spectacular scenic views. The panoramic picturesque clouds you can catch up with usually only happens in the early morning, so wake up and take a drive up to this beautiful hill.



Tuyen Lam Lake

Considered as one of the most-visited destinations, Tuyen Lam infinity lake will leave you in awe of nature’s serenity. You can spend your days hiking, relaxing among the breathtaking views and boating on the scenic lake. 



Bao Dai Summer Palace

If you’re in Da Lat to take in as much history as possible, you’ll be spoilt for choice at this attraction – Bao Dai Summer Palace. It’s a multi-purpose venue that reflects the spacious and royal living space of the King’s family. There is also a botanical garden which you can take a whole day to chill out this fabulous palace.



Da Lat Railway Station

Da Lat Railway Station always holds a soft spot with travelers. It’s a Western-styled destination that is perfect for exploring. The French built the railway station itself while the zigzagging tracks were planned and implemented by the Swedish, who are experts in tricky terrain. Also, don’t forget to pop inside its giant wooden trains and the incredible equipment that’s just so awe-inspiring to see.



Datanla Falls

Widely considered as a “fairy” waterfall, Datanla Falls is a worthwhile destination where you can marvel at the greenery from above. There are also miles of hiking trails around the falls that provide breathtaking views. Regardless of whether you love a thrilling adventure or a tranquil escape, you’ll enjoy an easy access into all of this natural wonder’s impressive splendor.



Truc Lam Temple

On the way to Tuyen Lam panoramic lake, you can catch the picturesque Truc Lam Temple nestled along the mountainside. You can immerse yourself into an oriental architecture style while overlooking the breathtaking scenery of landscapes and a lake.  Inside the temple, there is a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha raising a lotus in his hand – A symbolic image to express the philosophy of “existence in nihilism” in Buddhist Zen. That’s an ideal spot for your getaway!



Da Lat Cathedral

Da Lat Cathedral is one of the most striking features in the Da Lat downtown, not just for religious locals but also for many tourists. It is originally constructed as a Roman-inspired project with European-styled architecture. Inside the huge stone chapel, you can still faintly see the beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. In addition, a rooster’s statue is attached on the highest cross of the church as a lightning rod to protect the church’s project from any natural disasters over the years.



Dalaland Da Lat

Immerse yourself in the stunning Dalaland Da Lat which is modeled after Bali – The tropical island paradise. You can enjoy the panorama of mountains and landscapes from above with a tree swing or a white rope hammock. Or come and take a break in an open-air bed while enjoying the vibrant natural beauty around you.


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